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About John Wood

John Wood, a former Defensive Lineman for the University of Michigan football team, is well known throughout the strength world for his unusual feats of hand strength and his in-depth knowledge of many classical "lost" exercises such as the one-arm snatch and the bent press.

To date, his many grip strength accomplishments include closing the IronMind #3 hand gripper; lifting the 172 lb. Thomas Inch Challenge Dumbbell and the ability to explode beer cans with the power of his hands.

A 1997 graduate of Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wood originally began training his hands in preparation for High School football. This hand training was a large contributor to his football success and led him to a stint at Milford Academy Prep School in Milford, Connecticut and then as a scholarship athlete for the University of Michigan. He was a part of two Big Ten Championship Teams for the Wolverines as well as a two time letter winner.
Walnut Hills Eagles Milford Academy Falcons Michigan Wolverines

Wood graduated from the University of Michigan with an undergraduate degree in General Studies and more recently completed his Masters degree from The School of Information also located at the University of Michigan.
John Wood

John Wood surrounded by vintage strength equipment, if this is the kind of
thing you are interested in, you have certainly come to the right place.

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