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We like Dr. Ken's Log Bar a lot around here... the parallel handles make many good exercises even better and it has been directly responsible for a lot of great workouts. Plus it just has that "X-Factor" that makes you want to use it... So, having used it, trained with it for a long time AND gotten great results, we can confidently say it's the best Log Bar in the business...

But please don't just take our word for it, the proof is posted right below in the list of the Log Bar's most important features and benefits. Take a long, hard look so you can decide for yourself if you want the Log Bar to be a part of your training:

Steel Logs Wooden Logs FHS Log Bar
Durable, Will Not Rot, Warp or Crack YES NO YES
Plate Loadable For Easy Progression YES NO/YES YES
Light Starting Weight for young athletes NO NO YES
Workouts & Training Guide Included NO NO YES
Fits Bench Press or Squat Rack Cradles (7-foot bar) NO NO YES
Streamlined Profile for Safe Use and Easy Storage NO NO YES
Front Squats, Hammer Curls, Bench Press Etc Etc. NO NO YES
Reinforced Struts for Stability (7-foot bar) NO NO YES
Can be Shipped by FED-EX NO NO YES
Powder Coated for Long Life During High Use ?? NO YES
Customer Service and Quick Turnaround Time ?? ?? YES
1.95-inch Milled Bar Ends so Plates Will Fit ?? ?? YES
Quality Welds & Sturdy Construction ?? ?? YES
1-3/8-inch Handles ?? ?? YES
5-inch Long Handles Will Fit any Hand Size ?? ?? YES
Diamond Point Knurled Handles for Sure Grip ?? ?? YES
Custom Options Available ?? ?? YES
Order Online or By Phone (1-800-978-0206) ?? ?? YES
E-mail Notification on Ship Date ?? ?? YES
De-Burred Metal Surfaces ?? ?? YES
Proudly Made in the USA ?? ?? YES

MSU Front Squat
Parallel Grip
At Dr. Ken's Place...
Fits on a rack

As you can see the FHS Log Bar is unquestionably the top dog. There's really no comparison to anything else currently available for Log Bar training. You'll find a few pictures of both of our Log Bar models below. There are a few exercises demonstrated but you will find a full list available in the FREE training guide that comes with each Log Bar order.

The Log Bar in Action

Bench Press Overhead Press Log Bar Handle 7-foot and 5-foot Log Bars
7-foot Log Bar (weights and collars not included, grey finish optional)

Dr. Ken's Original Log Bar Questions and Answers

1. How many exercises can I do with Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

2. Can I use Dr. Ken's Log Bar in a Power Rack?

3. Will my barbell plates fit on Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

4. Can I get a custom Log Bar made?

5. How much does Dr. Ken's Log Bar weigh?

6. Will you have Dr. Ken's Log Bar available for use with standard plates?

7. How much weight will Dr. Ken's Log Bar hold?

8. How is Dr. Ken's Log Bar different than the actual steel or wooden "logs" that I see used in the Strongman contests on TV?

9. What is the diameter and width of the handles on Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

Dr. Ken's Log Bar

If you've read this far then you must be seriously interested in adding the Log Bar to your training. If you want to skip to the order page, click here: Log Bar Order Page. Otherwise, you can visit this page for more information on the Log Bar.

Here are a few BLOG posts on the Log Bar:

  • Log Bar Training at Dr. Ken's Place

  • Front Squats with Log Bar

  • If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or the live chat support on the right.

    Train hard,
    John Wood signature
    John Wood

    Have questions or need assistance with your
    Log Bar order? - Try our LIVE SUPPORT!

    Ordering Line: 1-800-978-0206

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