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The Next Crazy Thing I'm Doing

I went into grad school right after I stopped playing football and even when my playing days were over, I still continued to train. I had a quality barbell, a few hundred pounds of plates, a few assorted grip tools and a floor.

It was all I needed, and I actually did most of my training in the kitchen of the efficiency apartment I used to live in.

I kept up the strength stuff alright but for over two years I neglected the conditioning work. I knew I needed it but I did not enjoy it, and just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Without a strength coach yelling at me, I didn't have to either.

Well grad school finished and it was time to start cranking FHS up to high gear. I started focusing everything in my life on Excellence and along with that was the conditioning work I had been missing.

So I began to go running again. - it was tough as hell as first, (but it always is), but after sticking with it, I have actually grown to enjoy it.

Im in better shape now than when I was a player which I think is pretty cool. Not to mention that the conditioning work has also kick-started my strength work nicely.

If you have been reading my emails for a while, you have heard me talk about this subject frequently and it's a good idea in more ways than one to get and stay in shape.

Anyhow, this coming weekend I had plans that got canceled at the last minute and after hearing this, my girlfriend asked me if I would like to run a 5k race that is going on at a park near her house instead.

I thought about it for a minute and with no specific long distance training, said sure, sign me up. -- Yes me, the guy who used to hate running and has never run a race in his life.

I figured that my average conditioning workouts last around 30 minutes anyway so 3.1 miles shouldnt be too bad at all.

Im interested to see how I do and in case youre wondering, at a solid 255 lbs, (not too far off my playing weight) Ill be more of a Clydesdale than a Thoroughbred but that suits me fine.

I also haven't changed my current training either. Wednesday was a great strength workout, today (Thursday) will be a normal conditioning session Friday will be a great lift and then its game time on Saturday morning (lust like the old days.)

To me its just another workout, and like all my workouts, Ill take it to the limit.

Wish me luck... or on second thought, dont bother, This aint about luck.

Train hard.
John Wood

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