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New Garage Gym Pics

Here's a sneek peek at the new garage gym. It still needs some work but it's getting there.

You should have seen the floor before I started, it was brown with 1000 year old dust. I swept and mopped it and now it's looking pretty sharp.

Notice the Hammer Strength Gripper, Hammer Strength Situp board, Chest Expanders, Dr. Ken's Log Bar is leaning against the wall.

Look closely and you can see my sledge hammer collection and a couple anvils. Fortunately it has a "barn" type ceiling so it will be no problem for doing overhead pressing.

That's a vintage York Isometric Power Rack on the right in the first picture. The crossbeam is missing and the base has rotted away -- it's going to be a project getting that one back and running.

All in all, I've still got a few pieces to add and, like I said, it still needs some work in terms of figuring out what goes where. I'm excited though, I've already had some great workouts and some big things are going to happen in there.


Functional Hand Strength Functional Hand Strength