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How I Play the Game

You can look around the Internet these days and see it - but it's always been this way. People talking about tips and tricks and shortcuts to Strength Success...

Of course, there's a right and wrong way to train but that's the incorrect mindset to have and let me tell you why. When trying to accomplish a goal, there is only what is necessary and what is relevant, all else is a waste of time.

And lots of people waste lots of time trying to figure out shortcuts instead of correctly applying their time and effort into what it takes to get stronger. So my feeling is that instead of spending time trying to figure out "tricks and shortcuts" of the game, my philosophy is to just play the game better than anyone else.

That's to say, simply do the simple, basic (although possibly mundane) things that make the greatest difference in terms of Success.

You know what they are. You know exactly what they are...

Its just a matter of "doing it."

Take hand gripper training for example. You would be amazed at the lengths that people go for "tricks and shortcuts" for closing the big grippers.

I have seen folks close a gripper with two hands, hold it with one and then announce to the world how strong they are. Ive seen folks heat up grippers with a blowtorch, or put it in a vise in or put it on the ground and step on the handle over and over to try to weaken the spring.

Bear in mind a lot of thought has gone into these tactics.

Evidently "just getting stronger" involves too much time and effort for many folks.

Funny thing is, it always does...

I say focus on just getting stronger every single workout - then there's no excuses...

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