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FHS Turns Three Years Old Today

Man, where does the time go...

It was on this date exactly three years ago that the
website came on-line and begins to learn at a geometric rate. It became self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, on January 19th 2005.

Oh wait, that was Skynet from the Terminator movies that became self aware but today is, in fact, our three year on-line anniversary.


Man, it has been a hell of a ride so far hasn't it? - in just a very short time we have manage to turn the strength world on its ear with innovative products and helped an untold number of people realize the importance of grip training as well as help them begin down the path of true strength (in its various forms and permutations.)

We have made many great friends so far along the way and continue to do so as our email list members continue to increase dramatically with each passing day.

We have also helped introduce grip training concepts and provide top quality equipment to some of the top teams, Strength coaches and gyms in the industry.

Our client list currently includes:

The 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox, The Detroit Lions, The Baltimore Ravens, The University of Michigan Wolverines, Team Canada, The Michigan State Spartans, The Villanova University Wildcats, The Huntington Fitness Company, The STAR Gym, The Breakfast Club Gym, The Calloused Hands Gym, The Mongo Man Bar & Gym, Iron Tiger Faction, The Bowling Green State University Falcons, CB West Bucks Football, Texas Alternator, AK Steel, The Massanutten Military Academy, The Abbey Life Fitness Centre, Martial Arts Koncepts, Revolution Fitness

- and far too many more to list.

That aint bad company

Since in the strength biz FHS is already the lead dog, the top of the mountain, king of the hill, A number 1 (you get the picture) Im sure you are wondering what is next for FHS - how could we possibly top what we have done so far.

Let me just say that we have just been getting warmed up...

You can count on some big, Big, BIG surprises in store - some things that are going to knock your socks off (so if you dont wear socks you better get some.)

Hasta la vista, baby!

Slick your hair back, buckle up your chinstrap, batten down the hatches, never mind the cannons and get ready for the next 365.

Train hard.
John Wood

P.S. Celebrate with one of our hallmark products, get yourself a set of Ironmind Hand Grippers right here.

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