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Functional Hand Strength

Reached in the old mail bag and picked out a good one for today"

Eric writes:


Here is what I have to work with: Wrist Roller, Iron
Mind Gripper #1 and # 2, Grip Sleeves 2" thick, and
barbells. What would be a good weekly routine?

Thanks in advance.
Eric, a couple things to keep in mind before I get started: Im going to tell you how I personally would train with the a equipment you have listed. It is important though to understand that there are many ways to go about it and there are certainly many other options.

And as I often mention, the overall goal dictates the necessary action, and my goal may not be the same as yours but in any case, I'll provide how I would do things, and you can take from it what you will.

First of all, Im going to "lift" three days per week and do conditioning work on the in-between days.

Conditioning sessions last roughly 20 minutes, non-stop and might consist of track running, jumping rope, calisthenics, hill running, stair running etc.

Doesnt really matter as long as it gets the heart rate up.

As for the lifting, I would suggest three pushes, three pulls grip, neck, abs and a few other assorted odds and ends.

Since we are limited by the available equipment only, I would suggest something along these lines:

1. Overhead press
2. Standing Curl
3. Pushup
4. Row
5. Push Press
6. Shrug

For the Grip:

7. Hand Grippers
8. Wrist Roller Each Hand

For Legs:

9. Squat or Deadlift (I prefer the Squat)

No racks to it has to be high reps - a real killer.


10. Situps
12. Vacuum


11. Wrestlers Bridge or manual resistance


12. Muscle Control
13. Breathing exercises

This workout should take roughly 45 minutes to an hour to complete and if feel like doing any thing else, you're slackin off.

Now, keep in mind that these choices are entirely limited by what is available. If it truly were "me" I would add in a pullup bar, somewhere to do dips, a trap bar, a bench, a neck strap, some Indian clubs and maybe a few other things.

All of these would add variety, but not variety just for the sake of variety, they add variety for either increasing options to prevent boredom, or providing options that other available exercises do not.

again, thats just me and my own cavalier attitude.

Also keep in mind that this workout (or any workout for that matter) is worthless by itself. It's the improvement over time that matters most of all.

Train hard,
John Wood

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