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Welcome to Friday, August 8th, 2008, or 8-8-08. From what I read the number 8 means wealth and prosperity for those who believe in Chinese numerology, so it's only fitting that some very important and amazing things are happening today.

Im sure youve heard that tonight marks the opening of the 2008 Olympics (at 8:08 pm!) and that should be quite a sight to see. One of the favorites to bring home all kinds of gold is Michael Phelps who did most of his preparation for the Olympics at the Canham Natatorium at UM which is not a stones throw from the track when I run.

Now, that's pretty cool...

Today also marks another milestone -- all of our NEW Trap Bar training guides are, as of 8:47 am, packed and in the mail so if you took action, you'll be seeing yours within a few days.

To reiterate, that the training booklet from Al Gerard, the training booklet from Dr. Ken, my "5 x 2" workout special report and a limited edition Strongman training card prototype -- did I say it was Sandow? I thought he would be a good one to start things off with.

It's quite a haul, and if you want in, heres the quickest way NEW Trap Bar Guides

or, if you wanted to talk to Shelby to place an order, here's her number:

I'll be out running a mile today after work and following it up with a quick 4-5 hard sets, maybe some muscle control during opening ceremonies -- should be another great one.

Train hard,
John Wood

P.S. "He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had tried and failed." ~ William James

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