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Just Talked With Joe Kinney...

I've mentioned a couple times that we are hard at work on several "top secret" projects -- well let me give you a few details on one of these projects.

Joe Kinney, as you may or may not know, is the first man to close the Iron Mind #4 gripper -- and he didnt just close it, he mashed it like it was nothing more than a Trainer.

Well, it took some doing but I finally was able to contact Mr. Kinney and this morning, we talked for well over 90 minutes about all kinds of things "grippin," leg training, what it really takes to close the big grippers and even a few training techniques that he hasn't shared with many people...

I know you're curious... but it's going to have to wait until the time is right for more details on what we have cooked up.

In the meantime, theres who things you can do:

1. Tell the world.


2. Get a couple of your own IM hand grippers, cuz its about
time you started REALLY training your hands: Iron Mind Grippers

More to come...

Train hard,
John Wood

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