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"Get a Grip" With Joe Kinney - Grip Strength DVD

As you may or may not know, Joe Kinney was the man who first closed the Ironmind #4 gripper... and he did so as if it were no more than a Trainer. At the time (back in 1998 or so) he also put together a great training video outlining some of the unusual methods which he used to be able to mash the #4.

It showed things like Joe crushing the #4 and grinding the handles, the unusual way he uses the wrist roller to build wrist strength and his own creation "The Secret Weapon" - among other things.

It was not a Hollywood production by any means, but it did get Joe's point across very well, and in my opinion it is one of the best pure "training" videos ever made. I was lucky enough to get a copy of it way back when and have run it ragged from how many times I have watched it.

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Anyhow, fast forward over a decade and you'll find me trying to get in touch with Joe Kinney because I had some questions for him and I was curious to see what he has been up to. It took a while, but I eventually did connect with the man and found that we saw eye to eye on a lot of different training topics.

-- If you have been reading my emails for the past year, I'm sure that you remember my having mentioning this several times.

What you don't know, however, is that I also asked Joe if we could transfer his old grip video onto DVD and start featuring it on the site.

He agreed - but not only that, he suggested that we may want to add some new footage to help illustrate some of the techniques and tactics on the video that may not have been as clear as he wanted back then.

Needless to say I was delighted, and so a few weeks back me and our video production crew trekked down to Bean Station, Tennessee to sit down and talk training with the man himself... Well you know how it is when two folks start talking about training... about two and a half hours later the batteries ran out in the cameras but not before we had covered just about every detail I could think of about his training.

Things like his exact set and rep scheme and technique for the secret weapon... how often he trained... what his workouts looked like... if he did any other type of training along with his grip work etc etc etc. There was a lot more too it than that but you should get the idea there.

Anyhow, here's the important thing you should know:

About a month from now we are going to make Joe Kinney's grip video available once again. We'll have the "original" as it looked when it was originally released, and on top of that two ADDITIONAL hours of Joe Kinney footage on grip training techniques and such.

We are still doing a bit of editing, putting on credits and titles etc etc, then there's however long it is going to be at the replicators, which shouldn't take too long at all. Bottom line, if you want to train for super human grip strength, then you simply must get this dvd.

I cant hardly believe it myself, and I was there the whole time.

Now, as I mentioned, this project is still in production and when it is ready, you can bet that I am going to let everyone in the world know so they (and you) can grab a copy.

At the moment, I need you to make sure to keep an eye on your in-box for updates and a specific release date, which we should have shortly. For our sanity, please do not call or email and ask when it will be ready, I will make sure that everyone is made aware when I have a definite date.

Right now I can say as a ball park, mid to late October.

We are also looking to create a short trailer so you can see what it is all about beforehand in case you're curious. Also, I need you to spread the word about this to anyone you think may be interested.

Everybody needs stronger hands but "Joe Kinney Strong" is a whole new ball game.

More updates soon...

Train hard,
John Wood

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