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5 Different Kinds of Rope Training

You know, they say that 'marketing' is simply the spread of a good idea which is one reason why the interest in our climbing ropes has recently skyrocketed.

All of a sudden lots of people realized just how fun and useful rope training might be to their program and it just took off from there.

In fact, check out the latest issue of Scholastic Coach for a full article by Michigan State Strength Coach, Ken Mannie on how he trains his players with manila climbing ropes.

The thing is, 'climbing', while useful, is only one way to train with climbing ropes which I'm sure will be of a lot of interest to those folks without the room to hang one.

Heres a few simple ideas:

1. Hooked to a pulling sled for one-arm, two-arm, backwards or sideways pulling.

2. Arm-over-arm pulling - which should be done standing, not like you see on the 'truck pull' on tv

3. Attached to a high or low pulley

4. Tug-o-war

5. Timed hangs, pullups, hanging leg raises etc

Those are a few that I have used just off the top of my head. I could probably list many more if I sat down to think about it. Regardless, the lesson here is to open your eyes to things besides the obvious.

Train hard
John Wood

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