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Functional Hand Strength
The World's Best Hand & Grip Strength Training Instruction

NEW! - The latest addition to the Captain of Crush family is the "Point Five" (or 0.5, if you prefer) gripper which is so named because it is half way between the 100 lb. Trainer gripper and the 140 lb, #1 gripper.

The resistance of the new 0.5 gripper sits right at 120 lbs., making this gripper a perfect stepping stone if you are still knocking on the door of closing the #1.
Order The ).5 Gripper
The NEW #0.5 Gripper:
_________ $20.99 plus s/h

Let's Talk About Building Hand Strength
and why it's important to you

"Is Your Workout Missing Something?" - for many people, this answer is "yes" ... they train everything else but they neglect one very important area: grip strength.

... it is the strength of the hands and forearms that can make the greatest difference in what people are training for yet grip training is usually ignored altogether.

The fact of the matter is that You can only lift what you can hold onto, and the stronger your hands get, the stronger you'll be overall. A more powerful grip flat out means you'll be able to get more reps in every exercise you do.

The advantages of stronger hands in all "pulling" exercises (shrugs, rows, pullups, deadlifts etc) should be obvious but it will help your pressing power as well. That's right, when you strengthen your hands it'll help increase your bench press (which is reason enough for most people to get started.)

Now let's talk about hand strength for athletes. Again, this is an area that most trainees tend to ignore and it's a big mistake... Every sport you can think of involves the strength of the hands, and when you make them stronger, it's going to mean a better performance for you.

Whether you swing a bat, tennis racket or golf club, throw a football, climb rocks, shoot free throws, or tackle quarterbacks, building up your hand strength will help you do it better.

You want an advantage? ... a "Secret Weapon" of sorts? A little bit of grip training will give you the edge you are looking for.

...So Let's Get Started

By now you should be nodding your head in approval and wondering just where you need to get started as far as improving your hand strength. Keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different exercises you can choose from to build grip strength...

But there is ONE type of grip exercise that absolutely MUST be in your program, something that will help you build the solid foundation. What I'm talking about is "finger flexion" or what is commonly called the 'crushing movement' ... and the most effective method for building this type of strength are heavy duty hand grippers.
captains of crush grippers
Turn your hands into iron claws
with Ironmind Hand Grippers

Want to skip to the chase and place your order immediately? Click above to place your order online or give us a call at the number listed below:

Go With The BEST! Choose The Captains
of Crush Grippers from Ironmind

When most people think of hand grippers, they usually think of the cheap, plastic handled ones that can be found in most sporting goods stores -- and those are what gets a lot of folks started. But if you are serious about building hand strength, a gripper that you can close a few hundred times without breaking a sweat is not going to get the job done.

It's time to upgrade to something a little more heavy duty. If you are going to train at all, then train with the very best grippers ever made: The Ironmind Captains of Crush. What makes these grippers the Gold Standard? Here's 5 good reasons:
1. Quality and Durability: The Captains of Crush Grippers feature aircraft-grade aluminum handles, precision diamond-point knurling and Gr8 springs... Built TOUGH, just like you

2. TEN strength levels to choose from: From 60 pounds all the way up to 365 pounds... Start at your current strength level and keep moving up the mountain one level at a time as you grow stronger

3. Made With Pride in The USA: The Captains of Crush Grippers are the only brand of grippers manufactured on U.S. soil. If this type of thing matters to you, the choice here should be easy

4. The Choice of The Pros: Ironmind grippers are the gripper of choice for top professional athletes, strongmen and anyone else who wants to build a stronger set of hands. When you train with them and you will be in some very strong company.

5. Certification: Think you've got a strong grip? If you can close the #3, #3.5 or the #4 grippers you can join a very elite group of grip athletes. Getting certified at any one of these gripper levels is a tremendous accomplishment. Needless to say, the challenge is greater (and the line gets shorter) as you move up the scale.

Ironmind has been producing top quality strength training equipment for over two decades and has a sterling reputation in the strength world. We offer our clients nothing but the Best which is why we are proud to showcase the Captains of Crush hand grippers on our website!

"If you had to pick just one piece of equipment for maximum hand strength, a heavy-duty hand gripper should be it."
To these, we can also add "Always in Stock" as well as "Same Day Shipping" since these are two further advantages that you can expect from this particular website. We keep about fifty of each gripper on hand at all times so that we can get your order out quickly. In fact, when you place your order during normal business hours, chances are that it will be in the mail by 5 pm that day. The faster we can get your grippers to you, the sooner you can start using them to get stronger.

Order your Iron Mind Hand Grippers Right Here:

The Complete Set:

Ready to jump in to grip training with both feet? A wise choice would be to go for the whole set from the get go. This way you will undoubtedly have all the proper grippers to train with, and plenty of challenges to shoot for.

The lighter grippers can be used for warmups, the heaviest grippers can be used for heavy negatives and everything in between will give you plenty of resistance levels to train with.

You'll also save quite a bit on shipping costs by ordering all 11 Grippers at once.
Iron Mind Grippers Complete Set
The Complete Set - Order Now
Order Now
The Complete Set - All 11 Grippers - $229.99 + s/h

Three Gripper Combo Sets

We recommend having at least three gripper to train with - one you can comfortably close for 10 or more reps, one you can close for a moderate amount of reps(4-6) and one you can't quite close or just barely close for one rep. This gives you three different ranges to train with which also increases your options. Aside from this reason, it is also simply a very good idea to get several grippers at one time since many people who get only one gripper tend to place another order shortly afterwards, plus it will save on shipping.

If you are just getting started in grip training, the Guide/Sport/Trainer is a great place to begin.

The Sport/Trainer/#1 is our most popular combo set and seems to be the perfect fit for many trainees. You should have, at the very least, one gripper that you can close. Adjust your choice based on experience and/or strength level from there.

Another option to consider if you already have several grippers is the #1.5/#2.5/#3.5 set which features all the "stepping stone" grippers to fill in the gaps.

You will be able to choose which three specific grippers you would like after hitting the order button.
Order Now
Three Gripper Combo Set - $62.99 + s/h

Individual Grippers:

If you need to order 'an' individual gripper, multiples of the same gripper or several grippers outside of the combo sets featured above then you may do so in the following section. Individual grippers are $20.99 each plus s/h.
Guide Gripper The Guide The Guide - rated at 60 lbs.

At 60 lb. of resistance, the Guide Gripper is about double the resistance level of the typical sporting goods store gripper.

Order The Guide Gripper
Order The Guide Gripper___ $20.99
The Sport Gripper
The Sport
The Sport - rated at 80 lbs.

If you are already using your hand/wrist strength in your athletic endeavors, the Sport, at about 80 lb. of resistance, is the right place to start on the road to increased hand strength.

Order The Sport Gripper
Order The Sport Gripper___ $20.99

Trainer Gripper The Trainer The Trainer - rated at 100 lbs.

If you are ready for serious grip training and your hands are reasonably strong, grab the Trainer at 100 lb. to begin your hand gripper Odyssey -- then work your way up through the ranks.

Order The Trainer Gripper
Order The Trainer Gripper___ $20.99
The #1 Gripper
The #1
The #1 - rated at 140 lbs.

Rated at 140 lbs., Get the #1 gripper to take the next step. This gripper usually stops most grown men cold but with a little practice and the right instruction, you'll be closing it in no time.

Order The #1 Gripper
Order The #1 Gripper___ $20.99

#1.5 Gripper The #1.5 Gripper The #1.5 - rated at 167.5 lbs.

Rated at 167.5 lbs., the #1.5 is the first of the "tweener" grippers that help you advance between the #1 and #2. It's the perfect gripper to help you bridge the gap.

Order The #1.5 Gripper
Order The #1.5 Gripper___ $20.99
The #2 Gripper
The #2 Gripper
The #2 - rated at 195 lbs.

When you make it to #2 gripper level, you know you are really getting somewhere. It doesn't matter if you can bench press 400 lbs., chances are the #2 gripper will stop you in your tracks.

Order The Sport Gripper
Order The #2 Gripper___ $20.99

The #2.5 Gripper The #2.5 Gripper The #2.5 - rated at 237.5 lb.

The #2.5 is the second of the "tweener" grippers that help you advance between the #2 and #3. This is the perfect stepping-stone gripper on the way to super grip strength.

Order The #2.5 Gripper
Order The #2.5 Gripper___ $20.99
The #3 Gripper
The #3 Gripper
The #3 - rated at 280 lbs.

Only a select few have been able to make it to the IronMind #3 level gripper and beyond...If you can do it, you can add your name to a very short list... Think you have what it takes?

Order The #1 Gripper
Order The #3 Gripper___ $20.99

#3.5 Gripper The #3.5 The #3.5 - rated at 322.5 lbs.

The ultimate challenge is just ahead... so you will need all of the help you can get in order to achieve greatness. That is where the #3.5 comes in. It is the perfect tool to help you get to the pinnacle of grip strength.

Order The #3.5 Gripper
Order The #3.5 Gripper___ $20.99
The #4 Gripper
The #4
The #4 - rated at 365 lbs.

Closing the #4 gripper is the ultimate hand strength feat. Training to close the #4 gripper will take a level of intensity and dedication that few people possess... but it can be closed, and Joe Kinney proved that to the world. Who will be next?

Order The #4 Gripper
Order The #4 Gripper___ $20.99

Ordering Q & A

1. Do you take Pay Pal?
We sure do. You can place your order through the website and choose Pay Pal as your payment option on the checkout page, or we can send you a Pay Pal money request. Either way is fine with use, just drop us a line and let us know what you would like to do.
2. Can I place an order over the phone?
Yes, you can, give us a call any time during normal business hours and someone will be available to take your call. If you call outside of normall business hours, you are more than welcome to leave your information on our secure ordering line, or just leave your information and we can call you back at the next available opportunity. Our phone number is 1-800-978-0206.
3. Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
We proudly ship to members of the U.S. Military all over the world. The shipping costs is exactly the same as it would be for U.S. domestic orders. On the order checkout screen there is an APO/FPO address listed so you can just place your order normally through the site.
4. Do you ship to other countries?
To date, we have shipped Ironmind grippers to over 75 countries. There's more grip fan out there than you probably realize... Anyhow, if you are located outside of the U.S. and would like to place an order, drop us a line and we can let you know the shipping costs and our international ordering procedure.

Need Help Choosing a Gripper? Our Suggestions:

In the next section, we are going to make some gripper choice suggestions for various types of people. Before we begin, please keep a few things in mind:

1. We have found that to train with the hand grippers effectively, it is best to have at least three grippers at your command: one that you can close easily for a number of reps, one that you can close for a moderate amount of reps, and one that you can just barely close or can't quite close yet. Having a selection of grippers to work with will provide great variety in your program.

We have heard reports of someone who bought several hand grippers (not from us, thank goodness) who opened them up one by one. He tried them in order and immediately asked for a refund for the ones he could already close. Hmmm. That is the kind of attitude that will never allow someone build any kind of appreciable grip strength.

2. In case you're wondering, strength developed in most other types of training does not "carry over" to gripper training and vice versa. For example, just because you can deadlift a lot of weight doesn't mean that you will automatically be able to shut the #2 or #3. It is going to take specific training with grippers to get good at them. The whole point of having hand grippers is to use them as a training tool...a tool that will allow you to gradually build up your hand strength levels. Develop the strength so you can apply it effectively in a particular sport or activity. Skill work, however, can only come with practice of that activity.

3. If you have been active with your hands or have been training for several years, chances are you will have the strength to close the #1 gripper at least once. For training purposes we recommend starting with a gripper one level below the one you can close at least one time.

Again, the key concept to remember here is "training" is very difficult to train progressively with a hand gripper that you can only close once, which is why it is a good idea to have more than one level of gripper with which to train. (Just about every serious grip trainer ends up getting a full "set" eventually.)

It is important to have as many training options as possible.

If you have never used hand grippers or trained your hands before:
We recommend getting the Guide, Sport, and Trainer. The lighter grippers are simply a better choice when starting out, especially for those with little or no experience. With these hand grippers, you will be able to develop your technique as well as use them for high-rep skin "toughening" training which is especially important for rock climbers where tough skin is very valuable.

Train hard,
John Wood signature
John Wood
Iron Mind hand Grippers

Iron Mind CoC Grippers are
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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