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Closed Minds and Empty Heads

Any successful venture is going to have its critics; that's a given. Yes, we have our fair share at FHS and it is always incredibly revealing when we take a look at exactly what these criticisms actually mean.

For example, there is one guy from the snowy north who sent us a very nice note letting me know that I "should be ashamed of myself" because "I preach a dogma of only ONE true way to train and that I think less of everyone who doesn't agree with me..."

Oh really? Abre los ojos, Jack ass! (and good to see you are spending what precious little time we have on this Earth in a productive manner.)

Lets see, in the short time that I have been sending these newsletters out I have covered the training programs AND the theories behind how to get strong and/or in better condition using:

1. One set to failure
2. Sets of high or low repetitions
3. Machines
4. Free weights
5. Body Weight Only
6. Isometrics
7. Climbing Ropes
8. Breathing exercises and techniques
9. Timed holds
10. Singles

... and that's just off the top of my head so really that criticism doesn't hold much water. I have always said there are many ways to get stronger…

If you have been a regular reader of my articles you have only heard me make critical statements of certain training styles and/or philosophies if the end result is, in most cases, injury, over-training, frustration, poor time management and other less-than-ideal outcomes.

For example, several people were ready to put my head on a plate when I said that training your hands hard every day is probably a "bad idea.'

Hey, if you want to train this way, I wont talk you out of it. It certainly has worked for some people but in every case, (yes, that's 100%, Jack) of those who I have seen perform "marathon" grip workouts, they spend more time at the doctor's office than hitting PRs.

You can't make progress if you're hurt all the time... go ahead and try to argue against that if you like though.

Excuse me for pointing out the obvious but it is bad enough when I hit my thumb with a hammer by accident. These people are doing the equivalent of smashing themselves in the thumb on purpose and wondering why it hurts so damn much.

Personally it makes no difference to me how you train if you get out of it what you want to get out of it. There are some people who just like to put the time in and with that being the case, more power to them.

Me? I like to get stronger as a result of training and not in spite of it, and certainly not at the expense of overall health or of the other important things I have to do in my life at this point in time.

You are probably the same way.

You see, the method or technique you choose for your training is nothing more than another tool in your toolbox - you choose the one that fits your individual situation best. I train the way I train because I have found that it fits the requirements and limitations of my individual situation in the most efficient manner possible.

Have I changed my mind about certain exercises/techniques/training styles etc. at times?

Absolutely, but my core philosophy has stayed the same throughout the entire process. If I do say a particular technique is good or bad, I always provide the justification why I think that way instead of having "just because" as an answer.

Every day is a new opportunity to improve... to figure out how to do something better. Every aspect of your training can be improved. As I have said many times, don't think that something has to be complex to be effective.

Train hard,
John Wood signature
John Wood

P.S. Check out our newest hand strength products for the latest updates.

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