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Extreme Hand Flexibility

Dear Friend,

This past February, I was a featured speaker at Matt Furey's Universal Health, Strength and Power Seminar. This Seminar was the fourth Matt Furey event where I have been a guest speaker. (This was the second fitness related event with the other two being Marketing related.) I was honored to have been given these opportunities since I know that Mr. Furey does not let just anybody speak at his events.

At the most recent seminar I bowled the crowd over by performing a few feats of strength and then tortured uh, I mean worked out a few of the attendees so the attendees could see what a properly performed grip workout actually looked like in action. (A great BIG Thank You to Anthony and Frank!)

The great thing is that I am always sure to connect with some truly top-quality people at these gatherings and this most recent trip was no different. During a break in the action someone came up to me with some grip training questions. This is not unusual as I usually have a lot of people wanting to know more about what I do and how I train etc. This time, however, it was something a little different.

He said his name was Adam Mottesheard and told me that he wanted to show me a few things that he could do that he as sure I had never seen before. The things that Adam showed me did indeed blow me away, just as he had predicted. I told him that he had to send me some pictures to put up on the website site and freek out the rest of the world with them. He graciously agreed. Take a look - I will let these pictures speak for themselves:

Adam Mottesheard and his Extreme Hand Flexibility

A big thanks to Adam for sending in these pics. (Do not try any of this at home. Adam is a trained professional.)

Train hard.

John Wood signature
John Wood

P.S. Extreme flexibility like this usually only happens with a gift from Mother Nature, however, if you need a little more energy in your hands then I highly suggest the Finger Fitness Program for building strength, flexibility and dexterity all at the same time.

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