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A few more great gyms... Got plenty more on the way and if you want to see your gym featured, send us a couple good pictures and a brief write up and we can post 'em up. In the meantime, I could see myself getting a great workout at any one of these locations. Check 'em out:

"Dear Mr. Wood, My gym... as you can see things are pretty basic, kind of
primitive but that's the way I like it ...hope you like it too. All the best."
Sent in by Dionisis Metaxas, Greece

Sent in by Zachariah Salazar, RKC

"Hello John,
I originally had 11 Nautilus machines in my basement with a deadlift area. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that has a large factory and he gave me the space to create my own private gym.

Really it's just me and some of my friends who train there so it is like an overkill home gym. The goal is to put it all in a 5000sq foot facility which will become a semi-private gym with memberships. Along with weight training we teach Seicho Jiujitsu at the facility which I am a black belt and received my full instructorship certificate last year.

Some of the highlights include:

Spider cammed Nautilus Hip and Back and Pullover/Torso Arm
3 Nautilus double machines
Nautilus Compound Position Bicep
Nautilus Leverage Leg Press
Nautilus Duo-Squat
The Full Line of Nautilus Low Friction Machines
MEDX Avenger 10 Degree Fly
Ivanko Dumbbells up to 125lbs
Trap Bar
Frank Zane Leg Blaster
Sent in by Michael Petrella

More great gyms... each as different as the people who train in them, but all of them outstanding in their own way. Again, thank you if you sent in pictures, plenty more coming up soon...

Train hard,
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John Wood

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