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First 2 pictures are the basement gym (Trap Bar with bumper plates in center of it all), third picture is in the garage. You can't see the Slim "The Hammer Man" poster on wall behind the heavy bag in the garage picture, but he's there!
Sent in by Bill Bredeck


These are pictures of my garage gym and my garage gym dog here in State College, PA. I am really proud of this though my bride of 29 years is not so pleased...

This gym is completely hand built with stuff from Lowes. I built a pullup station, a squat rack, a bench and racks for dumbbells and then the tree for the boxing stations and for storing weights. All in all less than about $500 in wood, glue and screws.

Note the climbing rope I purchased from you - I love it! I also have a heavy bag, speed bag and striking bag. There are a 36, 45, 50 x 2, 72 x 2 Kettlebells from Dragondoor. A set of 2 x 10 and another set of 2 x 30 dumbells.

I also have an Olympic set of weights plus 150 pounds extra. Let's see I added two sets of Indian Clubs recently - way underrated tools for the shoulder girdle. To this I add various jump ropes, a Schwinn Airdyne (not pictured) a Bullworker 5x, and a spring exerciser. I bench with Olympic style dumbbells (put on disk weights) to avoid choking myself to death when I load up too heavy for chest pressing. Note I am not shy about using plumbing supplies too.

This is all less than a mile as the bird flies from Beaver stadium. I am 52 years old, I am an academic dean. I can do 50 pushups in a row, ten pull-ups, I can one hand press a 72 pound kettlebell left or right. I pull 385 in the deadlift. I climb the rope without legs just hands. I can close the 140 pound Captains of Crush hand exerciser 15 times with the right and about ten with the left.

Keep up the great site John and your entrepreneurial work! I would enjoy hearing from you as you are, if I recall, a UMich I-school grad as well as a former Wolverine."

Sent in by Hank Foley

Very nice gyms gentlemen... and a BIG thank you for sending in the pics and writeup. Keep 'em coming!

Train hard,
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John Wood

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