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When selecting the proper climbing rope for your gym, please keep in mind that we have manila ropes in two different sizes: 1.5-inch and 2-inch diameters. In almost all cases, the 1.5-inch rope will be your best choice -- it can be used by older and younger athletes alike and can be as challenging as you need it based on how it is climbed. The 1.5-inch diameter has been the standard size for climbing ropes for the last hundred years. This is the size rope you would have used in gym class, the same rope used by the USMC, the Marines, ROTC programs, wrestlers and champion athletes in every sport -- even when rope climbing was still a competitive sport at the college level and even in the early Olympic Games.

If you have any question at all as to which size to start with, we would highly recommend beginning with the 1.5-inch climbing rope.

When you have totally and completely mastered every exercise with that size of climbing rope then, and only then would we recommend moving on the 2-inch rope (we have actually had a few military bases ask to return their 2-inch climbing ropes because their people were having trouble climbing them.) Of course, you can still do many exercises with climbing ropes that do not specifically involve climbing but if you are interested in climbing then the 1.5-inch rope is likely your best choice.

In either case, here is a size comparison so you can clearly see both rope sizes: (Ropes are pictured slightly smaller than actual size.)

If you have any more questions about climbing ropes, please visit our product Q & A section. Also feel free to contact our Live Support with any more climbing rope questions you may have. Otherwise, you can find out more details or place your order quickly and securely by visiting our climbing ropes page.

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