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How many days a week should you train?

Of all the email questions that we receive, one of the most popular asks about training frequency. Some people heard its best to train several time a day and others heard that you should only train once every ten days…

My opinion? Train every single day.

Whoa! Wait a minute, I'm sure you're thinking that you'll be burn out before the week is done if you do that.

What I'm trying to say is that there is much more to training than just lifting weights.

- When you do a few minutes of stretching while waiting at a red light; that's training

- When you do deep breathing exercises while walking to lunch; that's training

- When you write down your goals; that's training

- When you turn off the TV and go to bed a little earlier; that's training

- When you go to the library to educate yourself on anatomy, physiology and related topics; that's training

So you see, it really comes down to creating the situations and doing the things that make you "keener, finer and more competent." Training is a commitment to improvement... you can always find something to improve on.

Now, as far as the actual weight training…two to three times a week is plenty if you do it right. Yes, that goes for grip training as well. (Also don't fall into the trap of thinking that the hands are under “different rules” and must be trained in a radically different manner than your other muscle groups. This just isn't so.)

While you certainly can lift more often than 2-3 times a week, in many cases, this will cause you to neglect some other area of development which isn't a good thing.

Train hard,

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John Wood

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