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When Joe Kinney started training to become the first man to close the #4 gripper, he needed a way to subject his hand to a closing poundage above and beyond what was currently available. When there wasn't an option for doing so, he set to work making his own: This unique piece of equipment became known as "The Monster Gripper" and it was one of the key pieces which allowed Joe to build maximum crushing strength.

Joe covered his training with the Monster Gripper in detail in the updated Get a Grip! DVD. Joe never figured that anyone else would be interested in such a gripper but after watching the video, enough people started asking that he sourced out a supply of the special springs and did a limited run. These grippers sold out VERY quickly and today are collectors items in addition to being some very serious grip training equipment.

Recently, Joe Kinney came across another source of springs, springs that are slightly smaller than the ones used for the Monster Gripper but still very formidable. For those seeking another unique training tool for building super human crushing strength, Joe dubbed his new gripper "The Little Monster" and it sits roughly half way between the Iron Mind #4 gripper and the Monster Gripper. You can see the comparison shot between the two grippers above.

We gave previous Monster Gripper purchasers the first crack at these grippers and since there are still a few available, we are offereing them to the general public for as long as they last. We expect that they WILL sell out very quickly.

The Little Monster Gripper is 14 inches long and weighs nearly two and a half pounds. The image on the right is roughly 75% scale. The longer handles was made so that it can be inserted into a doorframe or power rack and then the user can cheat it shut using gravity and body weight.

Joe Kinney's LITTLE MONSTER Gripper

_____________ $149.99 plus s/h

Place your order online using the above
button or order by phone by dialing:

*Little Monster Grippers are shipping NOW and ALSO include a copy of our Train Hard Bulletin Newsletter #5

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