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Climbing Rope
Resource Page

Your One Stop Shop for Climbing Rope Information

Thinking of buying a climbing rope but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. One of our goals is to be the most informative website on the entire internet when it comes to climbing ropes. We thought it would be a very good idea -- and it is -- to list all the information about climbing ropes that is featured throughout our website on one page. You may not be interested in ordering a rope right away... but in time you know the page to come to... You'll find all of the information you need below:

Climbing Rope Products

The following links are for the various climbing ropes options and products that we feature. There are two diameters of manila indoor ropes, one diameter of outdoor poly-plus climbing ropes, the FHS short rope and the attachment hardware page (which also features knots). The order page is also listed in case you would like to place an order from here.

  • 1.5" Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes
  • 2" Manila Indoor Climbing Ropes
  • 1.5" Poly-Plus Outdoor Climbing Ropes
  • Climbing Rope Attachment Hardware
  • Climbing Rope Attachment Clamp
  • FHS Custom Short Rope
  • Climbing Rope Order Page

  • Climbing Rope Articles and Blog Posts

    We have a full Q & A section listed below although we cover various climbing rope related topics in articles and in some blog posts, all of which are listed here:

  • Gym Climbing Ropes Sizes
  • Rope Climbing with Joe Vitale
  • Crazy Rope Climbin' in Australia
  • How The Marines Climb Ropes
  • 48-Year Old Woman Climbs Rope Better Than Any Man
  • Navy SEALs Need Strong Hands
  • Rope Training: Dinosaur Style
  • Rope Climbing: Simple...basic...brutally effective
  • 2" Manila Climbing Ropes
  • The Bowling Green Strength Clinic
  • Making Your Own Climbing Rope
  • 5 Different Kinds of Rope Training
  • Climbing Rope Q & A

    Have a question about climbing ropes? -- Chances are it's covered here. If you should think of anything that you need to know that we might have missed, please drop us a line and we can make sure it's included.

    1. What length manila climbing rope should I get?

    2. Can I hang my manila rope outside?

    3. How should I hang my manila climbing rope?

    4. Can I get a custom manila climbing rope length?

    5. Can I purchase the attachment clamp separately?

    6. What is the difference between outdoor and indoor climbing ropes?

    7. Can I use your climbing ropes for pulling or dragging?

    8. Can I get knots in your climbing ropes?

    9. How is your manila climbing rope different than the manila rope that I can find much cheaper at the hardware store?

    10. What diameter rope do you have available?

    11. How much padding should I have under the rope when I climb?

    12. Can I use climbing ropes for any other exercises besides climbing?

    13. Do climbing ropes require any maintenance?

    14. Can I get a rope or ropes shorter than 15 feet long?

    15. Can you tell me how to hang a climbing rope in a tree in my back yard?

    16. Can you get climbing rope that is thicker than 2 inches in diameter?

    17. I live in an apartment and have no place to hang a climbing rope, is there anything I can do to still get the benefits of rope climbing?

    18. How far apart should I get knots put in my rope?

    19. How much rope should be left on the floor?

    20. How are the lengths of the climbing ropes computed?

    21. Are there benefits I can gain by hanging two or more climbing ropes in the same general area?

    22. I'm chomping at the bit to get started with my new climbing ropes - how long will it take for me to get them delivered?

    23. Can I use climbing ropes for swinging?

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