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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
  • Revised Articles Pages

    The following articles have been edited and/or revised with new content:

    The Dino-Man Cometh
    "What's Up With the Captains of Crush?"
    A Grip Training Lesson From an Old-Time Boxing Champ
    Rope Training: Dinosaur Style
    Rope Climbing: Simple...basic...brutally effective
    Bad Workout? Here Is What To Do: Part II
    When Strong Hands Meant Life or Death
    Questions to Ask Yourself About Training
    How many days a week should you train?
    More on Grip Training for Football
    More Lessons from the Oldtimers
    The Story of a real "Doer"
    Here's the Real Scoop on Ligament Strength and the Hands
    Getting "Back on Your Horse" After a Layoff
    Why Small Hands Won't Hold You Back
    The 21 Keys to Ultimate Hand Strength Success
    Getting Started with Heavy-Duty Spring Hand Gripper Training
    Why Small Wrists Don't Matter
    What to Do When You Don't Know Where to Begin
    The Three Most Important Training Questions

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