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Learn the Ancient Training Secrets of a Dying Art

The Physical Body - the only DVD of its kind, showcases the exercises and training tools that Indian wrestlers have been using to prepare themselves for combat for thousands of years...

The Physical Body is a rare, unique look at the dying art of Kushti, India's indigenous form of wrestling and onetime royal national sport.

This one-hour video shot on location in Northern India closely examines the mechanics and regimens of physical development adhered to by wrestlers during their intense training routines.

The two daily workout sessions under the supervision of a guru at the local akharas or wrestling gymnasiums are based on an ancient traditional wrestling and physical culture template that dates back thousands of years. Training with total devotion and intensity, the wrestler learns through exercise, diet, self-control, and celibacy that his strength ultimately goes beyond the mere physical...

For the first time on DVD, you will experience wrestling in the traditional earthen pits and the distinctly Indian exercises with gadas (maces), joris (heavy clubs), nals (stone weights), gar nal (stone wheel), sumtola (Indian barbell), as well as an extensive investigation of the Mallakhamb or wrestler's pole, the rope Mallakhamb, and the art of jori swinging for competition.

The Physical Body - Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture DVD
The Physical Body Indian Wrestling DVD
This deluxe DVD edition includes unprecedented practice options and detailed workout footage for those who want to practice and use the exercises in their own daily training regimens.
The Physical Body - Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture DVD India has a tradition of physical culture that goes back at least 6000 years. In that time, the Indian warriors and wrestlers devised many unusual training methods and pieces of equipment to increase their strength, stamina, and flexibility. These include:

  • Gadas (maces)

  • Joris (Heavy Clubs)

  • Nals (Stone Weights)

  • Gar Nal (Stone Wheels)

  • Sumtola (Indian Barbells)

  • Mudgals (Indian Clubs)

  • Mallakhamb (The Wrestlers's Pillar)

  • Dands and Baithaks (Bodyweight Exercises)

  • Rope Climbing
  • The Physical Body - Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture
    The Indian wrestlers swing and manipulate many of these objects in an incredibly powerful yet graceful manner which has to be seen to be believed. Now, thanks to this DVD, you can see all of these ancient training tools in action with your own eyes...

    There is only one way to get strong and that is through exercise - real exercise... You must exert your strength in order to build strength and the amount you build and keep will be in proportion to the amount that you expend. You cannot become alive in every sense without developing the muscles of your body. You cannot retain that aliveness, which makes life really worthwhile, unless you continue the use of your muscles, at reasonable regular periods throughout your life..." - The Encyclopedia of Indian Physical Culture (1950)

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    If a picture is worth a thousand words...

    The Physical Body DVD
    Training scenes from The Physical Body - heavy club swinging, the wrestler's column, digging the pit, rope climbing, and much more...

    The Physical Body DVD less like an instructional DVD and more like a documentary. It does however contain a great deal of training information for those willing to look for it. Think of it as a physical culture journey. Here are some of the amazing things you will learn about in this 60 minute DVD:
    We begin with a visit to the Gaya Seth Akhara which is located in Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world.

    You will learn about the three things that the members of this Akhara begin each and every training session with, "Jor," the largest part of the wrestlers training routine, and "Dhakuli," which, when trained correctly, teaches the wrestlers to twist and rotate more effectively to escape moves much more easily.

    Remember, each guru places the elements of the training program in a different order but the sum total remains the same. You will see a rough template of what a wrestler's hour-by-hour daily training schedule looks like.

    From there, we travel to Old Delhi, India and look at how they combine modern and ancient wrestling techniques at one of the most famous Akharas in all of India. This Akhara was founded by the late Guru Haruman who is regarded as the personification of what a wrestling guru ought to be.

    Akharas take many forms, next we see the Kujibar Kali Barhee Akhara in Varanasi, where one wrestler provides his own personal workout routine incorporating elements of running, wrestling, calisthenics and traditional exercises.

    It is here that we see some amazing footage of Jori (Heavy Club) swinging and the nail studded Jori swinging.

    At the Morchali Birbaba Akhara we see competitive Gada and Jori Swinging including - 45 Kg Jori Swinging, 35 kg bladed Jori Swinging, and 38-65 kg Gada swinging by a National Champion - each of these is an amazing display of strength, power, and grace.

    What is presented thus far has only the tip of the iceberg, there is still much more amazing footage that follows: The Mallakhamb (Wrestlers's Pillar), Rope Climbing, (Nal) Stone Dumbbell training, the dumbbell circuit, Indian Club Swinging, stone rings, bonus footage, a photo stills gallery, and much more!

    A deeper analysis of this rare footage leads to a more complete and meaningful understanding of the execution of each of these exercises and ancient training tools. It becomes clear that these are not just traditional training methods but a way of life... There has simply never been anything like this DVD before.

    You might be thinking to yourself "Wait a minute, I though this website was only about hand strength?" If that is what you think, you are absolutely correct... but think about what it takes to swing a pair of 30 kg (66 lb.) Joris and you'll know why this DVD is the newest addition to our product selection. Hand strength development has been a very valuable aspect in the training of the Indian wrestlers throughout the ages.

    Scenes from the DVD:

    Gada swinging at the Gaya Seth Akhara

    Decorative Jori

    Rope climbing

    Wrestling in the Akhara
    As we see it, the stronger your body is, the stronger your grip is, and vice versa. The Indian wrestlers figured out this very simple concept centuries ago and have been training that way ever since. Rope climbing, heavy club swinging, maces, stone dumbbell lifting... all require (as well as develop) terrifically strong hands.

    "John, all that seems incredibly interesting but what about specific training techniques and methods that I may be able learn from this DVD?"

    Good question. As I mentioned earlier, much of the training information contained in this DVD will come from your own observation of these techniques... many of them have never been captured on moving film before and the old pictures that you may have seen simply do not tell the full story.

    The footage is shown "as is," and while techniques with some of these exercises may differ from location to location, you will not see footage, for example, of the Mallakhamb (The Wrestler's Pillar) anywhere else. I found the demonstrations of the Jori (Heavy Club) swinging of particular interest as the correct form is not easy to pick up without seeing it in action.

    If your are interested in learning some of the finer points of training on this ancient equipment, you should be watching this DVD with a pen and paper handy so you can take copious notes on the technique and form that is shown.

    From observation, you will be able to see four of the different "walking drills" with which wrestlers end each of their practice sessions. You will see three different ways that the Indian wrestlers train with the Nal (Stone Dumbbell), as well as the three components of successful Jori (Heavy Club) swinging or how to train with the Sumtola (Indian Barbells).

    While you may not have access to some of the traditional equipment, if you are resourceful, you will be able to find or make equipment that is similar.

    Many of these techniques, especially some of the warm-up, stretching routines, and sun salutations shown on this DVD can be implemented into your training program immediately after having watched them.

    Watch this DVD and learn the finer points of training on the wrestler's column, heavy club swinging, stone dumbbell training, singls-arm gada swinging, rope climbing, and more...

    As far as specific training instruction, there are segments of this DVD which will tell you exactly what the daily training routines look like in several of the Akharas. For example, you will be able to see two highly detailed hour-by-hour and daily workout regimen templates taken directly from the Gaya Seth Akhara in Varanasi.

    Later on, a wrestler from the Kujibar Kali Barhee Akhara provides you with a list of how he specifically combines elements of running, wrestling, calisthenics, and traditional exercises into his daily physical training routine.

    As you will see, this DVD is a treasure trove of training ideas and physical culture methods, although it will be up to you to implement them successfully in your training through careful observation and analysis.

    Whether you are a wrestler, a strength historian, or someone interested in seeing and learning about unusual strength feats and training, this is a DVD that is not to be missed!
    Train hard,
    John Wood signature
    John Wood
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    The Physical Body - Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture DVD - $34.99 + S&H

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    Testimonials for The Physical Body Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture DVD

    "John, this is an amazing product and I knew at once that I just had to have it. Hope you don't mind but I've alterted a couple of friends who are very likely to be interested.... Watched the DVD over the weekend, it is an excellent value but I was gob-smacked to see that some schools are going over to bodybuilding machines - could have cried when I saw that guy doing leg presses while the joris, etc. were left hanging on the wall as mere decoration.... All in all an excellent DVD and highly recommended."

    John Dean

    "Anyone thinking about ordering this DVD stop thinking and start ordering!! I received my copy last week and loved it. If you are at all interested in wrestling, bodyweight training, club training, etc. then this video is a priceless gem. There is some great footage and the DVD offers a view into a world most of us will never explore."

    Great job!

    Shawn Mozen

    "Just got the DVD. I really enjoyed it. I like that it takes you into the world of the wrestler and how the workout routines flow. There’s a lot of information there to absorb and I will have to watch it several more times. I learned a lot about the execution and variation of the body weight exercises and how they work into the routines, which are more varied than I thought. Its great to see how they are performed from the people that originated them. Also I liked a lot the full class on the mats where you watch the workout unfold. It is much better than I imagined."

    Jim Barnes

    "So is anybody up for swinging those heavy nail-studded clubs??? AWESOME DVD! Anybody with the slightest interest in cultural/historical aspects of wrestling/grappling, as well as anybody using clubs in training and wanting to know more about their background will find this DVD particularly interesting."

    Sonam Atuk

    "Just watched "The Physical Body, Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture". Very interesting stuff filmed in Northern India, it gives a glimpse into a world few westerners will ever see, makeshift wrestling gyms and some unique training exercises using clubs, huge hammer-like weights, and gymnastic-type use of wooden poles. Some of the warm-up exercises I have put into practice to help with my back injury. Extremely well-produced too. I found it fascinating."

    Ralph Clemente

    "Strong DVD for insight into traditional Indian wrestling training methodology. It showed different strength training methods (clubs, poles) that I'd never seen. With all the talk of Yoga in today's sport club and holistically-minded environment, it was nice to see it in reference to a more warrior mindset... Can't wait for future DVD's."

    Joseph Reiss

    "The effort here to present a total picture of the wrestler's physical training is well-done and can be understood by anyone. Those actively involved in any type of grappling will be delighted by the amount of information contained within the program.

    All in all, The Physical Body is a first rate production that is wonderfully concise and visually stimulating."

    Clint Heyliger

    "...I think you will all enjoy the DVD -- it gives you the opportunity to see real traditional Indian wrestling from its origins."

    Master Zulfi Ahmed
    Head of Bushi Ban International

    "We need to pay heed to the real Indian/Pakistani arts... The West in the last century got some of the Indian story, but I'm glad that someone with your energy and imagination has come along now to bring us more of the Physical Body... the elegant, exciting video gives promise of future excellent treatment."

    Robert W. Smith,
    Legendary author and martial arts authority

    "I hardly ever recommend DVDs but this one will be an excellent addition to any MA library. It's called 'The Physical Body: Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture' and takes you into the world of wrestling in Northern India. The training is unusual and really hardcore..."

    Kenneth Delves,
    Author, The Chinese Internal Martial Arts Theory and Practice

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