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Functional Hand Strength
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Functional Hand Strength
Product Q & A

I. Iron Mind Captain of Crush Hand Gripper Q & A

1. Which hand gripper should I start with?

2. When should I move up from one level to the next on the Captains of Crush grippers?

3. How many hand grippers should I have in order to train properly?

4. How many Iron Mind Hand Gripper Strengths are there?

5. What are the Iron Mind hand grippers made out of and do they require any maintenance?

6. How do hand grippers compare to plate-loaded grip machines?

7. How do Iron Mind hand grippers compare to sporting goods store hand grippers?

8. How do I train with Iron Mind hand grippers?

9. How do Iron Mind hand grippers compare to all of those other hand grippers on the market? Why is it a superior product?

10. How do I know that my hand gripper is an authentic Captains of Crush gripper made by Iron Mind?

Iron Mind Captains of Crush Hand Grippers
II. Climbing Rope Q & A

1. What length manila climbing rope should I get?

2. Can I hang my manila rope outside?

3. How should I hang my manila climbing rope?

4. Can I get a custom manila climbing rope length?

5. Can I purchase the attachment clamp seperately?

6. What is the difference between between outdoor and indoor climbing ropes?

7. Can I use your climbing ropes for pulling or dragging?

8. Can I get knots in your climbing ropes?

9. How is your manila climbing rope different than the manila rope that I can find much cheaper at the hardware store?

10. What diameter rope do you have available?

11. How much padding should I have under the rope when I climb?

12. Can I use climbing ropes for any other exercises besides climbing?

13. Do climbing ropes require any maintenance?

14. Can I get a rope or ropes shorter than 15 feet long?

15. Can you tell me how to hang a climbing rope in a tree in my back yard?

16. Can you get climbing rope that is thicker than 2 inches in diameter?

17. I live in an apartment and have no place to hang a climbing rope, is there anything I can do to still get the benefits of rope climbing?

18. How far apart should I get knots put in my rope?

19. How much rope should be left on the floor?

20. How are the lengths of the climbing ropes computed?

21. Are there benefits I can gain by hanging two or more climbing ropes in the same general area?

22. I'm chomping at the bit to get started with my new climbing ropes - how long will it take for me to get them delivered?

23. Can I use climbing ropes for swinging?

Manila Gym Climbing Ropes
III. Dr. Ken's Original Log Bar Q & A

1. How many exercises can I do with Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

2. Can I use Dr. Ken's Log Bar in a Power Rack?

3. Will my barbell plates fit on Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

4. Can I get a custom Log Bar made?

5. How much does Dr. Ken's Log Bar weigh?

6. Will you have Dr. Ken's Log Bar available for use with standard plates?

7. How much weight will Dr. Ken's Log Bar hold?

8. How is Dr. Ken's Log Bar different than the actual steel or wooden "logs" that I see used in the Strongman contests on TV?

9. What is the diameter and width of the handles on Dr. Ken's Log Bar?

Dr. Ken's Log Bar
V. Book and DVD Q & A

1. Will my DVD player play your DVDs if I am located overseas?

2. My DVD won't play, what should I do?

3. Will your DVDs play on my computer?

The Grip That Rips DVD
VI. Ordering, Method of Payment, Privacy & Shipping Q & A

1. Can I order by telephone or fax?

2. How do I contact someone at FHS?

3. How do I place an order via snail mail?

4. Which methods of payment do you accept?

5. I am currently located outside the United States, how can I place an order?

6. My credit card was declined when I tried to order, what should I do?

7. Which credit cards do you accept?

8. What service do you use to ship your products?

9. How can I verify that my online order went through?

10. Does FHS have a privacy policy?

11. How do I unsubscribe from your e-mail list?

12. Do you take purchase orders?

13. Do you ship to APO Addresses?

14. Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

15. I have e-mailed you several times requesting information and have not received a reply, what should I do?

16. What is a "business day"?

17. I called at 5:00 pm Central Time. You weren't there!

18. I called on Friday afternoon, or Saturday or Sunday and I haven't heard anything back, what should I do?

19. I don't want the product I ordered anymore. How can I return it?

20. Where is my product? It has been XYZ days.

21. I received an e-mail indicating that my shipment was being shipped, and I received part of my order, but my (rope,log bar, jump rope, chest expander,) was not included. Where is it?

22. When I received my order, it contained the wrong products, what should I do?

23. How long should I expect to wait for my XYZ?

Functional Hand Strength
IX. FHS Custom Short Ropes Q & A

1. What is the difference between the 1.5" and 2" diameter ropes?

2. Out of what material are the FHS custom short ropes made?

3. Can I get a short rope made with synthetic material (Polyplus) like I can with the climbing ropes?

4. Does the FHS custom short rope come with any training materials?

5. What kind of exercises can I do with the FHS custom short rope?

6. I'm located overseas and would like to place an order for one or more FHS custom short ropes - how much will it be for Shipping & Handling?

7. Should I consider purchasing multiple FHS custom short ropes?

8. What are the advantages of the FHS custom short ropes over the climbing ropes you sell?

9. How can I use the FHS custom short rope with my Power Rack?

10. Can the FHS custom short rope be used for training in conjunction with your climbing ropes?

The FHS Custom Short Rope in Action
FHS Custom Short Ropes
X. Miscellaneous Q & A

1. I am a professional athlete - will you sponsor me?

2. I have a product that I would like you to sell - do you think that you could feature it on your website?

3. Do you have a catalog, and if so, how can I request one?

4. Can I post your articles or e-mails on my website?

5. How many different t-shirt sizes do you sell?

6. John, can you give me a training routine for XYZ? (or....I need suggestions for how to train for a specific event, or....Can you suggest a product from another site that does this for me?, or....Can you suggest a routine that will work for me?)

7. I'd like to place a purchase order- what do I need to know?

8. Im under the age of 18 and I want to order something or be on your e-mail list, what can I do?

9. What are your policies on prices?

10. I am going to place a Purchase Order - is there anything I should do first?

11. Can I get a discount/free sample/trial of one of your products?

12. Why are you sending me e-mails selling me stuff? OR Stop Spamming Me.

13. I'd like to order a product I saw on Amazon/TV/some other website...

14. Could you suggest a place to find XYZ?

15. Do you have e-books of your texts?

16. Your shipping costs too much - can I get it for free?

17. Will you trade links with me?

18. I would like to know the status of my order. How should I contact you to get this information?

19. I live in an apartment, should I expect anything different in regards to shipping?

20. What are the best ways to stay as informed as possible about your new product releases, site updates, and training advice?