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Question: How many Iron Mind Hand Gripper strengths are there?


There are curently 10 levels of Iron Mind Captains of Crush Hand Grippers which are as follows:

  • The Guide - 60 lbs. - Roughly twice as hard as the average sporting goods store gripper

  • The Sport - 80 lbs. - The perfect introduction to heavy duty hand gripper training

  • The Trainer - 100 lbs. - Our most popular gripper

  • #1 - 140 lbs. - Most Strongmen still have trouble with this one

  • #1.5 - 167.5 lbs. - A midpoint between levels

  • #2 - 195 lbs. - Close a #2 and you have a grip of which to be proud

  • #2.5 - 237.5 lbs. - Now you're knocking on the door of world-class

  • #3 - 280 lbs. - The benchmark feat - time to get your name on the list

  • #3.5 - 322.5 lbs. - A level where few can tread

  • #4 - 365 lbs. - No man's land, only room for a couple at the top of this mountain

  • For more information about Iron Mind Captains of Crush Hand Grippers, click here.

    Captains of Crush Hand Grippers

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