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Question:How do hand grippers compare to plate-loaded grip machines?


Each method has advantages and disadvantages:

The traditional "guillotine" style plate-loaded grip machines have always been a very effective method for developing hand strength. The greatest advantage of using a plate-loaded grip machine is that it can be loaded a few pounds at a time, allowing you to progress in gradual increments as you grow stronger.

While they can be used very effectively, the main disadvantage of plate-loaded grip machines are that the resistance that they provide is "linear" rather than "rotational," which cuts down the efficiency of the exercise over the long run.

Hand grippers provide "rotational" resistance due to the nature of springs but do not offer the incremental progression of a plate-loaded gripper. With 10 different levels, the progression is still very efficient for hand gripper training and they are significantly more portable.

Choose the method which will most suit your needs.

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