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Question: Can I get knots in your climbing ropes?


Yes, we have three different rest knot options:

1. Monkey Paw

Option 1:
Monkey Paw

The "monkey paw" is a woven grip knot spliced directly into rope which provides assistance in gripping while climbing up the rope and rest areas while descending.

The "monkey paw" knots are $10 per knot.

2. Big Knot

Option 2:
Big Knot

A large knot (or knots) tied in rope itself forming platforms for assistance in climbing.

The large knots are $10 per each knot.

3. Ball Stop

Option 3:
Ball Stop

Attached Rubber balls provide assistance for intermediate climbing rope participants.

Recommended for athletes up to 120 lbs. Ball stops are $18 each.

You will have to call in if you are interested in adding knots to your rope order. You cannot place an order for knots over the website, you must call 1-800-979-0206 and our rope experts will assist you.

Please specify number of knots and location desired on each rope order. Options 1 & 2 are available with both manila and polyplus ropes. You can order turks head knots in substitute for the bottom of the rope being spliced (in the case of the manila rope,) or having a polyboot end, (in the case of the polyplus rope,) for no extra charge. Please be sure to mention this if you would like this option. Please note however, that turk knots can only go at the end of the rope.

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