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The Three Most Important Training Questions

I've been getting tons of great training questions from you guys (and gals!) Keep sending em' in and don't be shy, every question is important. I have noticed that one type of question that keeps popping up goes something like this:

"John, How should I work out to get strong hands? I really want to get started..." - Joe the grip fan "
While the wording changes from email to email, the basic idea is the same: this individual wants to start grip training but doesn't have any idea where to begin.

Understand, this is exactly the type of question that I (and probably everyone else!) used to ask when first starting out with strength training. This is perfectly normal. Questions are always a good thing and it is always better to ask someone who has "been there."

When it comes to training, how you "should" work out depends on how you want to get strong, i.e. your training goal(s). To succeed in grip training (or any other type of training) YOU need to know the answer to these three questions

What EXACTLY do you want to accomplish?

How EXACTLY are you going to make it happen?

What are YOUR limitations?

Once you answer these, the rest falls neatly into place. Don't just think about the answers to these questions, get a yellow note pad, a good pen and write them out. You would be very surprised what a difference this makes...

"I love it when a plan comes together." - Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith of the A-Team

Until then...

Train hard,
John Wood signature
John Wood

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