Here’s a quick one to meditate on:

With so many different ways to train, it’s easy to get lost at times. You’ve got barbells, you’ve got machines, and you’ve got sandbags, hand grippers, barrel lifting, chest expanders, kettlebells, thick bars, bodyweight training and many more that I could think of pretty easily if I sat down and decided to make a list.

A lot of people seem to think that each individual ‘way’ of training and even each exercise needs its own ‘mojo’ that is to say, some special training procedure that is specific to that particular exercise and that exercise alone which allows you to train it correctly.

To some extent, this is true. There are certain things that should be understood about each way of training.  But the larger picture is that aside from the correct form and possibly a few other small details, the truth is that the same factors which allow you to gain strength in any exercise are the same factors which allow you to gain strength with every exercise… whether you’re lifting a barbell, a rock or anything in between.

And since everyone is alike is some very fundamental ways, those same factors are at work in everyone, regardless of genetics.

So really, when you know ‘how to train’ you understand how to get stronger in any exercise, in any way, shape or form that you want – its just a matter of knowing what to do then taking action.

Train hard,
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John Wood