If there’s one thing that they got right in 80’s movies, it’s the training montage. There WILL be times when the only thing standing between working out and doing nuthin’ is a great song. Here’s a few clips that still make the hair on the back of my neck stand up whenever I watch them:

KUMITE! KUMITE! This video makes me want to roundhouse kick EVERYTHING I see.

Sammy won… SAMMY WON. Only in the 80’s man. And yes… the winner does indeed take it all.

This song has the distinction of not actually being in any of the Rocky movies ~ but it sure should have been. James Rolfe, film maker and part time Angry Video Game Nerd, put this video together in his spare time ~ and the world is much better for it. I would probably never have come across it otherwise. Thanks man, At least a few thousand of the views for this clip are mine.