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The World's Best Hand & Grip Strength Training Instruction

"How to Train Like An Ancient Warrior..."

Now you too can learn the ancient techniques that Indian
wrestlers have been using for thousands of years...

The average "gym" and physical training techniques of today look very different from those of the past - sometimes it can be very easy to forget the "roots" of physical culture...

Fortunately you don't need a time machine if you want to see with your own eyes how combat athletes in different parts of the world have been training for thousands of years. There are still places where little has changed...where they use the old training methods and traditional training equipment...the same methods and equipment that have been in use for thousands of years.

Let me take you on a trip to some of the oldest training places on Earth...
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The Physical Body 2

Digging The Pit
Rope Climbing at Badri Ka Akhara
Swinging the Traditional Indian Clubs
An Amazing Outdoor Gym
Traditional Bodyweight Movements

Ancient Mysteries Revealed...

  • Every traditional gym has its own unique methods...but do you know the ONE exercise that they do in every single wrestling gym all over India?

  • How about why a wrestler should be proficient in walking on his hands?

  • What about the special diet that each wrestler follows?

  • And how DO Burmese bare-knuckle Lethwae fighters integrate traditional Indian clubs into their training?
The answers to all of these questions are revealed in The Physical Body 2: Competition Training and the Dangal DVD, the powerful follow up to the ground breaking "Physical Body: Indian Wrestling and Physical Culture DVD."

Introducing: The Physical Body 2 DVD

In this second volume, we examine the specific competition training routines leading to participation in the Dangals, or wrestling competitions. Held in Delhi, the capital of India, these competitions have become one of the major crossroads in the battle between the old and the new.

Each of the different Akharas (traditional training gyms) offers us new insights into how the original training routines consistently produce high caliber competitors. Of course, each of the Akharas we visit has its own unique training techniques...

Different Gyms and Different Training Philosophies

First we visit the Northern Railway Akhara in the shadow of the rail yards in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Delhi. There, the young children are given a chance to mold themselves into champions, away from the harsh realities and slim opportunities around them.

Here we get a very realistic view of how the specific workouts are done under the rigorous demands of their Guru. A full daily workout is provided.

Next we visit the Badri Ka Akhara, one of the oldest active Akharas in all of India. Here we spotlight how this famous Akhara builds its Pehalawan for competition, including being able to watch as they take part in their daily drills.

We also examine the art of massage and how it is used by the wrestlers as a form of restoration and recovery.

After that we take a look at the Chandigiram Akhara, home of the legendary wrestler Guru Chandigiram who has become the catalyst for championing the introduction of women's wrestling by sponsoring his own daughters in competition.

The contradiction in lifestyle between the celibate wrestlers and the women introduce a new change in the way an Akhara is run (or possibly can be run) in the future.

Watch and learn as the wrestlers demonstrate their daily training regimens as well as an array of wrestling moves and counters.

And lastly, the legendary Hanuman Akhara (which you may remember from Physical Body 1) is revisited to examine one of its champions who discusses his diet and workout.

The use of the traditional Mugdal is also explained in detail.

A Blend of the Old and the New

These three Dangals clearly illustrate the ways in which competitions are now executed:
  • The first is a traditionally run Dangal in the pit

  • The second is a hybrid, half-international bouts (beginning with women and children), with the second part done in the traditional pit wrestling manner

  • The final Dangal is where the yearly competition takes place - where hundreds of wrestlers take part during the all-day wrestling event which is now fought under international rules on a mat with large cash prizes

Watch and Learn Ancient Exercises

You'll be an eyewitness to the methods that these wrestlers have been using for thousands of years which means you will also be able to implement them into your own training very easily. You'll be able to see exactly how these wrestlers perform their traditional bodyweight calisthenics, carry out their warm-up drills, and use the traditional training equipment such as Indian clubs and maces.

There's nothing quite like training with the classics, and as far as exercises go, it doesn't get much more classic than what you will discover in this DVD. And of course, there is much more to these exercises than mere strength alone...

Read...learn...and, most importantly, TRAIN, like an ancient warrior!

Train hard,
John Wood signature
John Wood

The Physical Body 2 DVD - $34.99 + s/h