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Man Vs. Pitbull

In the early morning hours on January 31st a man named Von Pardue, went out for a walk near his home in Conroe, Texas.

It was something he enjoyed doing and made it a point to go for a walk several days per week - that day, however, he was within sight of his home when an 80 lb pitbull crossed his path.

Like a standoff in the old west, it was so quiet that you could hear
a pin drop - the dog looked at the man, the man looked at the dog...

Who would make the first move?

The dog charged at full speed toward Pardue but he did not panic
As the dog lunged at him to go for the kill, this man timed a perfect
strike which landed to the side of the dogs head. This blow merely
stunned the dog, and within a spit second he was at him again.

When the dog lunged a second time, the man was not as successful and he had no choice but to wrestle the dog - literally fighting for his life.

During the melee, the man saw an opening and hit the dog again as hard as he could in the ribs. Again, this stunned the animal and gave Pardue one chance, - the one he had been hoping for -a chance to grab the dogs collar and hang on.

Pardue took it, and another force overcame him.

He dragged the dog back to his home and by the time he had covered thetwo block distance, he had strangled the dog to death.

Quite an amazing story and a big thanks to our buddy Dave O. for sending it our way. In his note, Dave mentions how 'this is a 'real world' example of how a fellow just might need real grip strength and the will to live, even in mundane circumstances and when he is NOT looking for trouble.'

I very much agree, I have always viewed my training as a means of preparing for whatever comes next. When the you-know-what hits the fan, there is only the quick and the dead.
Sure I can do a few impressive feats but the ability to do all that is secondary - and in my point of view, merely a byproduct of productive training.

Maybe you're training to sack the quarterback, maybe you're training to knock people out or maybe youre just going for a walk like Von Pardue.

Regardless of why you might be training, you have to ask yourself if that training is going to make a difference when there is something right in front of you, staring you in the face, that is not a afraid, that will not back down andthat wants a piece of you.

Train hard,
John Wood

Comin' at ya

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