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Thick Bar Training For Powerful Forearms

Thick handled equipment has had a long tradition in the strength world although I believe the reason for that is partly by happenstance.

In the old days, you couldn't go to a sporting goods store to get a good weight set (Ironically enough you still can't.)

Many folks had to make do with what they could find which usually consisted of old pipes or axles with which to do their bent-presses and one arm deadlifts.

Of course, these old pipes were almost always somewhere between two and three inches in diameter and as a result, any training done with them strengthened the hands and
forearms tremendously.

While you can easily order a super high quality Olympic Barbells from far off lands, thick handled equipment is still a tremendously valuable method of training.

In fact, many of the top NFL and College football weight rooms now feature thick handled equipment to the exclusion of 'standard' equipment.

(Its about time.)

Why not build the strongest hands possible - no one says You have to train with an Olympic bar.

Most of thick bar training success simply comes down to following the usual rules of doing it,' overload, progression, recovery etc.

However, if you want to lift more than the average bear on thick handled equipment you will need to address seven key aspects of development in your training.

Today I am going to talk about two of them:

First of all, one of the great values of thick handled training has to do with how effective it is for strengthening the thumbs which are in fact the weakest link in this type of training.

Of course as with any method of training, when you strengthen the weak link, the overall strength of the chain increases. Your thumbs will strengthen automatically through thick bar training but to take it to the next level you will need to develop your thumbs dynamically through a full range of motion, with pre- stretch etc

Simple enough eh?

The second thing I am going to mention today is to think about what is really going on with thick bar training - what is being trained isometrically and what is being trained dynamically

Which 'metric' will allow it to be measured most effectively.

The answer to that question will unlock a whole new world of development. That should be enough to get your mental machinery cranking. The other five, well, those are for another time.

Train hard.
John Wood

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