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New Log Bar Training Guide Cover

Here's a look at the cover that we may end up using for the re-done new edition of Dr. Kens's Log Bar Training Guide. We are still looking at a few different options so we may or may not use this version (although I think this one looks great.) Regardless, it is going to be first class all the way and contain a lot of intense training info, workouts etc etc.

If you want one, well, it's free with a Log Bar purchase so you know what you have to do. And speaking of that, the clock is ticking if you want your own Log Bar to arrive in time for Christmas. I can guarantee it will be there ONLY if you order sometime this week and that means before 5 pm this Friday.

If you want to take action immediately, here's the new T2 Log Bar and the Original Black Finish. For more information on Log Bars and what they can do for your training please check out our Log Bar Resource Page.

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