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Sledge Hammer Training

I was playing around with paint shop and created this image which I think is pretty nifty -- of course a sledge hammer is one of the most useful tools for building wrist and forearm strength. Just ask The Hammer Man...

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Functional Hand Strength Functional Hand Strength


The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

Just got back from the Bowling Green Strength Clinic -- and was it ever a great time! Coach Hillman and everyone else involved put on a great event with top-notch speakers, top-notch demos and a great opportunity to get down to what real strength training is all about.

No question that Coach Hillman runs one of the top strength programs in the country and one look at his brand new weightroom will lets you know immediately that those Falcons don't mess around... Power racks, Log Bars, Kegs, Sandbags, Lifting stones, Machines, platforms, hand grippers... and plenty more!

Name a piece of equipment that would be necessary to develop stronger, tougher and better conditioned football players and Coach Hillman has it.
The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

Anyhow, I think I speak for everyone in attendence when I say the opportunity to hear Mike Gittleson speak was worth the price of admission by itself -- Mike has learned a thing or two over 30 years "in the trenches" as the Strength Coach at the University of Michigan and fortunately for us, he is willing to share.

Now, Mike's topic was on "Developing the Grip for football: from fingertip to forearm" -- that's a topic that I know a little about, but you can bet I nearly filled up a yellow pad with notes while Mike spoke.

As I have said many times - "School is never out for the pro." It always helps to learn how other people approach the same thing you might be doing. Yes, much of it will likely be similar, but everyone has their own "style" and seeing how they do things will undobtedly help you take a critical look at what you're doing.

Now, here's a few things that Mike talked about:
The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

Sledge Hammers: Mike showed everyone several different for building "fine" grip strength using a simple sledge hammer. Mike has a special exercise that he uses for quarterbacks - evidently it helps give them a little more "touch" on the ball -- of course, all players at all positions will benefit.
The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

Ropes: There's many different exercises that you can use with ropes for training athletes besides "climbing." Mike has one he calls the "Rope-a-Dope" that he uses for building mental toughness in his players. Yes, I know this one well - and it's a killer. Hold the line!
The Bowling Green State Strength Clinic

Wrist Rollers: The highlight of Mike's presentation was his "bag of fun" in which he brought some of the pieces of equipment that he has used to torture, uh, I mean train his players.

One of the things that Mike is big on is training some of the different functions of the hands with specially designed wrist rollers -- and you aint never seen wrist rollers like Mike has, he brought about a dozen different kinds...

And that sure wasn't all...

In any case, that's just a brief look into what you missed, and if you weren't there, you certainly did miss out. Keep in mind that anyone who wants to can purchase a ticket to an event like this, doesn't matter if you're a strength coach, or competitive lifter, or just someone who trains in the garage -- it's about strength and no matter who you are and what you are training for, you are guaranteed to learn something new.

Oh, and as to why I'm not a little more detailed on some of Mike's exercises -- it's because if you want to learn from the best, you gotta be there!

So... you gonna make it next year?

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