Finger Fitness

“Energize Your Hands!”
With the Revolutionary Finger Fitness Program
As a freshman at Miami University, Greg Irwin found himself frustrated as he worked on his degree in Music Education. Though he was very talented, Greg was having problems with finger coordination as he practiced the piano and other instruments. You see, his degree required him to demonstrate his skills at every instrument – yes, every instrument from piano to xylophone and everything in between.

In order to work on this problem, he began looking high and low for information on how to increase his finger dexterity, flexibility, and independence… but there were no training materials to be found anywhere.

At the time, Greg also had a job in which there were long stretches of inactivity. He decided to use this down time for something productive and took it upon himself to experiment with different hand and finger movements to pass the time. Greg knew he was onto something when he noticed that his musical skills improved dramatically as he perfected these movements.

Over the next few years, Greg continued to practice these movements. While working as a musician and music teacher he also learned many more of these “finger tricks” from some of his students. It was at this time that he realized that he had enough exercises collected to create a complete hand exercise program.

After talking to many hand surgeons, physical therapists, and sports medicine professionals, he found there were no complete programs available for advancing the ordinary hand to higher levels of strength, coordination, and flexibility.

The Hand Health and Finger Fitness System was born!

Finger Fitness by Greg Irwin
The Hand Health System has taken Greg Irwin around the world, including stops on television programs in Japan, Hungary, Spain, and even twice in front of millions on the Tonight Show where he wowed Johnny Carson and Jay Leno!
The Finger Fitness Book and DVD Set ________ $49.99 plus S&H
How can the Finger Fitness program help you?

Your hands are tools and like any other tool, they must be kept in top condition to perform to their best ability. Whatever your chosen field, using the Finger Fitness program will increase the skill level of your hands by increasing strength, dexterity, coordination, and finger and hand independence.

You will gain confidence and trust in the ability of your hands and develop what Greg Irwin calls finger-thought connection. You will be able to master your finger control and tune your brain in with the movements of your hands. This hand control is critical if you are a musician or magician in need of delicate and subtle hand/finger movements.

The Finger Fitness Program is perfect for anyone, especially musicians, magicians, and typists
Greg Irwin spent years developing the Finger Fitness Program but you can be on your way to healthier hands within minutes

If hand strength is your thing, chances are you really get down to business when it comes to the strength development aspect but ignore the flexibility, dexterity, and coordination development areas of your training. The Hand Health/Finger Fitness routines are excellent for developing these aspects which, in turn, help to enhance your recovery. This will allow you to progress at a greater rate in your grip training than you would have otherwise.

The Finger Fitness Program has been in development for over 20 years and originally began as a small booklet. Over the years, it has grown and grown until now it incorporates an 80-page instructional manual as well as a 63-minute step-by-step demonstrational DVD.
Here are some highlights – we’ll begin with the instructional manual:

The Finger Fitness Instructional Book

The Finger Fitness DVD

* The origins and creation of the unique Finger Fitness Program philosophy

* 4 Different warm-up and stretching exercises to limber up your hands and get them ready for work

* An easy to understand introduction to the Basic Finger Fitness Exercises

* What are Folds, Extenders, Taps, Bends, Splits, Shuffling, and Combos? How to use each of these unique movements to develop different finger functions

* 4 levels of progression for each movement that will challenge beginners and veterans alike

* Step-by-step illustrated demonstrations with accompanying full text explanations of each exercise for correct usage

* Detailed anatomy charts that explain which muscle groups are worked by each exercise

* What science can tell us about the finger-thought connection? You’ll be surprised…

* The two things you need to know before you start the Finger Fitness Program

* Comments from Certified Hand Therapist Meg Robinson on how the Finger Fitness Program can address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other cumulative trauma needs

* Combo and Complex movements for advanced Finger Fitness trainees

Finger Fitness DVD

* The next logical progression in the Finger Fitness Program is to see the exercises in action so you can follow along. In this 63-minute DVD, Greg Irwin takes you step-by-step through the entire Finger Fitness exercise program. Each exercise is demonstrated and explained fully.

* 5 exercise lessons that will enhance finger independence, dexterity, and agility

* 10 “dance” routines make practicing and learning these exercises simple and fun

* The amazing new finger ballet, Ne Mina

* All routines are presented in progressively challenging order to allow you to increase in difficulty and complexity at your own pace

* These basic exercises are ideal for use as warm-ups or short breaks in the workplace so you can develop healthy hands anytime and anywhere

Each Finger Fitness Combo set also includes a Finger Fitness User Guide Special Report outlining where to begin, how often to do these exercises, and other valuable bits of training information which will help you get the most of the Finger Fitness program!
The Finger Fitness Book and DVD Set
________ $49.99 plus S&H