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More Serious Gyms Like These

When you're serious about training, you can always appreciate a great gym. Of course, everybody has their own style. Some folks have something as simple as a few dumbbells stacked in the corner waiting for the next workout -- others have a whole basement or garage devoted to their training equipment.

I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some of the great gyms out there, the gyms you probably won't see on TV or read about in the magazines... but the kinds of places where you know some serious training takes place. Anyhow, If you are a fellow "cellar dweller" or "garage gorilla" send in a few pictures of your own gym, and we would be happy to show all the wimps out there what a real gym looks like.

"My Gym" - Sent in by Max Holmgren

"This is my (partial) outdoor gym. As you can see the equipment is underneath the verandah, which I have enclosed with plastic covers to keep the rain out.

The plastic covers are the same type which are used on out door coffee/ dining areas at restaurants. The location is a farm in the south west of Australia. Some of the equipment I have had made by a local engineering shop, such as the glute-ham raise, the hand machine (just a simple plate loaded device (blue)) and extended dumbbell and 'log bar'.

I use the 'U' shaped bar (top left) to enable me to squat much deeper, as squatting with the straight bar hinders depth, due to my shoulders lacking the necessary flexibility. (I consider my straight bar squats to be 1/2 squats, but still very valuable as it allows much heavier loading)."

Sent in by Wassili Bijl


"Here are a few pics of my very basic "summer gym." You gotta love working out in your own back yard. Working out under the patio roof when it rains and out on the slate under the sun other days!! Thanks for a great site... "
Sent in by Joe McMahon

It becomes real obvious that it doesn't take much to "get it done" if you've got your mind right -- just basic equipment and a serious attitude... A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in pictures. There's more on the way...

Train hard,
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John Wood

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