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GET A GRIP! With Joe Kinney
-- DVD Trailer --

We have been talking a lot recently about our pending re-release of Joe Kinney's great "Get a Grip!" DVD and it has been generating a lot of attention especially from those who may have had a chance to see it back in the day and want more information, or those simply interested in building superhuman levels of hand strength.

We realize though that this was a while back and not everyone may have had a chance to check it out when the video first came out...

So, in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to see what is on the horizon, we have put together a short trailer with some classic Joe Kinney footage, shot back when he originally put together this video and was mashing the #4 like a toy...

And a few clips of the recent newely added footage that we shot just a few weeks back... Just click on the video player on the right to check it out.

We'll do a few more of these in the coming weeks, unveiling a little more at a time of what you can get your hands on. The Secret Weapon... Severe Negatives..."The Monster Gripper" ... Wrist Roller Training... Building Thumb Strength... Mind Power... "Testosterone for Breakfast"...

It's all there.
GET A GRIP! With Joe Kinney Video Trailer #1
(Video Has Sound)

This trailer will show you a few quick glimpses just to whet your appetite....

As a matter of fact I have been doing the training as outlined specifically by Joe Kinney just this morning and I have to say I have never in my life been stronger, so when you do finally get your hands on the final video, it has the potential to do some incredible things as far as your training is concerned... Also, and just as a refresher, we are currently doing the final edits on the video itself. We are about %90 done and should have the final cut at the dvd duplicators very soon.

Then, they are going to work their magic and we will have the finished product ready for your viewing pleasure. Look at the end of October/early November as a ball park figure. Once we have a definitive release date we will make an announcement through our daily emails so as long as you are signed up, you will hear about it fast and first. If you are just now finding us, make sure to get signed in so you hear the announcements and more info when ready.

Train hard,
John Wood signature
John Wood

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