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The 21 Keys to Ultimate Hand Strength Success

I have previously discussed some of the basics of getting started in serious gripper training. Today, I'm going to pull pack the curtain a little more and talk about a few training concepts that you must have in your training program; no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

Whether it is for hand grippers or some other kind of grip strength development, it is a combination of these related (and maybe non related?) factors that all add up to a pair of vise grips for hands. In no particular order here is a checklist for the ultimate grip strength development:

Do you have:

- a concrete goal?

- attainable sub-goals?

- the ability to construct a routine around these goals?

- the right tools for the job (if you are thinking about buying a hand gripper, read this first: Gripper Training)?

- the intestinal fortitude to 'lay it on the line' each and every time you train?

- motivation enough to never miss a workout even when the going gets tough or when you "don't feel like it"?

- the knowledge of the requirements of how the human body works and more importantly the processes of how your hands get stronger?

- the ability to address those requirements in your training?

- the self control to get at least eight hours of sleep at night and not waste time by staying up late?

- a balanced routine?

- knowledge of what a balanced routine actually consists of?

- a way to progress?

- the ability to measure that progress?

- the mental toughness to "fight" for that next rep in perfect form on every set of every exercise?

- the ability to make an honest assessment of your goals and where you are in relation to them at all times?

- the training smarts to know when to back off?

- good nutritional habits ( at least some of the time)?

- the patience to stay in it for the long haul and stay consistent the whole time?

- an honest understanding of your limitations?

- the due diligence to practice proper hand health - recovery enhancement and active rest techniques - when necessary and never miss a session?

- the ability to be unreasonable in what you expect from yourself ... but possess the wisdom to avoid injury by training smart?
Hand Grippers
Hand Grippers
Hand Grippers
When you have all of these present in your routine, your hand strength is going to be in the "outer limits" category. Take a look at this list and be honest with yourself. Chances are you are missing a couple of these. This is not something to worry about. The great thing is that all of these factors are learned responses and can be developed. If you haven't noticed, this list is applicable to every other kind of training as well. We will go into a few of these concepts in more detail later on. How far can you take it? Only one way to find out...

Train hard,
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John Wood

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