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" One Thought and You're Dead "

Dear Friend,

What I have to tell you about today may very well be the most valuable words you ever read. Ok, let me back up for a minute.

If you have read Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings you will remember that the fifth and final Ring was referred to as that of "no-thingness" where the body and mind act as one.

There is no conscious thought, the body moves with deadly precision, to do what needs to be done with no hesitation whatsoever.

This is the highest form of skill development.

Musashi knew combat, and he also knew human behavior. As a master Swordsman who faced life or death situations on a daily basis, he knew that all he had to do was to get his opponent to think one single thought because that would give him the time that he needed, (only a split second) to end the fight decisively.

In today's world, fighting for survival is a foreign concept to most people. After all, we live in a civilized society where the "bad guys" always get caught, right?

But you see, even in today's "civilized society" violence does happen and should that situation present itself, you need to know what to do.

Hopefully you will never be confronted by anyone with hostile intent bent on violence of the highest order but the possibility is always there.

Imagine walking to your car after finishing up a late night at the office.

While absent mindedly fumbling to take your keys out of your back pocket you suddenly feel the harsh reality of a gun barrel pressed into your ribs and a voice saying "gimme your wallet."

And what would you do if this happened to you? You see, in that situation, what happens in the next 5 seconds will determine who walks away, him or you.

There is no time to breathe, no time to think, only time to take immediate decisive action in what would likely save your life.

There must be no hesitation in what you do next."
...But what to do is the question.

The reason I am telling you this is that I recently ran across a course that answers that question. It is a type of training that teaches you, no matter who you are and what your skill level, exactly what to do in that 5 seconds.

To cut to the chase this program is called Target Focus Training and it is taught by an ex-Spec Ops intelligence officer named Tim Larkin.

During his almost 20 year career, Tim Larkin has instructed thousands upon thousands of military, law enforcement and security personnel from US Navy SEAL Teams, US Army Special Forces, USAF Spec Ops, USMC Force Recon to the FBI, Secret Service, DOE, DEA, BATF and the US Border Patrol. As if that weren't enough, he has also taught numerous SWAT teams, Fortune 500 private military contractors, VIP Security details and celebrities (most require their names or organization be kept confidential).

So why do these high profile clients seek Tim out?

It is very simple, they want results -- Quickly! ... and that is exactly what Tim's program is based on.

You see, these individuals face life threatening danger on a daily basis. They demand methods and principles that work every time, for everyone of their guys, regardless of the threat... and their training often must be completed with only a few days of preparation. They can NOT afford to waste time with a program that doesn't work.

They need a program that is simple, easy to learn, and most importantly of all it works when it is time to lay it on the line.

If you want to know more about this program, my advice is not to hesitate any longer and click on this link.

Train hard.

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John Wood

Tim Larkin's Target Focus Training

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