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Hand and Grip Strength Products
Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill HInbern

You will find very little, if any, modern sources on hand-balancing available anywhere…until NOW that is. Thanks to strength author, historian, and publisher Bill Hinbern, the lost art of hand-balancing lives again… This training guide provides dozens of interesting techniques and supplementary exercises to get you hand-balancing like a champ in no time.


ADVANCED Finger Fitness DVD
The new ADVANCED Finger Fitness program provides 15 exercises which are level coded from 1 to 5 for ease of use. These exercises are ideal for use as warmups or short breaks in the workplace to enhance and maintain flexibility and dexterity.

Top Quality Manila Climbing Ropes

Rope climbing is one of the very best exercises for serious athletes. If you are looking for a single exercise that will increase your grip strength and train every other muscle in your entire body, rope climbing is it. Our high-quality manila gym climbing ropes are made of the finest quality 3-strand grade-A manila and come with a steel clamp on one end for easy installation and removal. The other end of the rope is covered by a polyboot to prevent unraveling and promote durability during heavy use.


Get a Grip! With Joe Kinney DVD

In this groundbreaking DVD, you can see the original “Get a Grip!” video, put together by the first man to close the IronMind #4 Gripper, Mr. Joe Kinney. You’ll learn all about his training equipment, his workout ideas and more importantly: his results. Includes the only footage of the #4 gripper ever closed on film plus over TWO HOURS of additional material, shot in the summer of 2009, where Joe Kinney revisits his training and offers insight and instruction not found in the original video.