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Question: What do you recommend as far as choosing a climbing rope length?


For climbing purposes, the traditional rule of thumb is that the length of the climbing rope should be long enough so that approximately 4 feet of rope is on the floor. The reasons for this are that having a bit of slack makes it easier to get on the rope and also so that another person can stand on the rope to spot and prevent the climber from swinging while in use.

To find the proper length of your rope, measure the distance from the floor to overhead girder or attachment point and add 3 1/2 inches (this does not take into consideration beam clamps or other mounting hardware.) Also, climbing rope "slack" need not be exact an exact measurement, a rough estimate of an extra 3-4 feet should suffice.

For pulling or dragging purposes, 50 or more feet is generally recommended, please click here for more information on pulling and dragging. If you would simply like to attach your rope to a pully or hang your rope for exercises such as pullups, laybacks or hanging leg raises, generally 15 feet will suffice.

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