Hi John,

The best thing I can say is that you have terrific service which is the heart of a successful business. The latest item that I ordered from Functional Hand Strength was a book that I ordered over the internet on Monday and had it in my hands on Wednesday. That is excellent service and that has been my experience with items that I have ordered from Functional Hand Strength.

George Loomis

Mr. Wood,

I enjoy getting your emails. The journey to bettering myself is one I hope to be on for quite a while. Every positive, balance and spirit building insight I am fortunate enough to come into contact with (and hopefully absorb and use with the best of intentions) I am grateful for. Thanks for all that you’ve shared. The ‘Captains of Crush’ hand grippers have been excellent. I was a discus thrower at the University of Nebraska and currently train in submission grappling and some other arts and move furniture for a living. I train with the #2 and #3 grippers. They, along with your tips and emails have been a wonderful addition to my training.

Eliot Partridge
Austin, Texas

John Wood has learned well from his dad Kim. I always felt the service we received from Hammer Strength was top of the line. I feel the same about Functional Hand Strength and the excellent service we receive from John on his line of unique products. Keep up the good work.

Herb Brogan
Lumen Christi High School
Jackson, Michigan

In terms of Functional, result producing training, John Wood’s sites collectively provide the answer to many training problems and questions. Functional training seems to have got lost in the mix of the new and scientific. Proven effective training systems can never die out, and through John’s websites, books and products, many people are gaining top rate Bodyweight, Grip and Weight Training information. Each website covers all of the essentials to become strong and healthy in many different ways, including some lesser known but paramount aspects such as grip, neck, lower back, leg strength and endurance training. They also provide you with the tools to achieve such health with products such as trap bars, climbing ropes and thick bars. All in all Functional Hand Strength and its related sites are all one needs to develop strength, endurance and all around fitness.

Lee Potier,
Croydon, United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Wood,

I’ve been doing business with you for a few years and have enjoyed prompt service, good books, and quality products. I came upon your site by accident, seeking information on steel bending a few years back, and have made progress in that area. I don’t think I’ll ever progress to the level of a Dennis Rogers or Pat Povolaitis, but people tend to be astounded, when I, a middle age middle weight, can bend a short piece of stock with apparent ease, and a muscular heavyweight in their twenties can’t put a kink into it with maximal effort. So, I have made definite progress over the years, and want to thank you for the products and information, which have made this possible. Best wishes to you and everyone at Functional Hand Strength for the coming year.


Richie Hallihan

I have ordered numerous equipment (log bar, fat bar, Bulgarian sand bags, C.O.C. grippers, jump ropes, super gripper, TRX) through John Wood and his website for my school or personal use and everything has always been delivered quickly, in great working condition. That is a credit to him and his staff. I also look forward to his no nonsense emails on training. It is refreshing to hear from somebody not selling gimmicks but sensible HARD WORK!

Ryan Ash
Howell High School
Teacher, Football and Strength coach
Howell, Michigan

John, Simple yet perfect! Keep em’ coming. By the way, I just started training an NHL defenseman who plays for the Saint Louis Blues. He did his first grip training workout today, and couldn’t move his fingers for a while after he finished. He said it was the most intense forearm work he’d ever done, and it only took about five minutes. Thanks again John for introducing me to the Captains of Crush Grippers.

Craig Huntington
The Huntington Fitness Company
Hanover, Massachusetts

John Wood has an unbelievable amount of grip training knowledge. I only got to see the tip of the iceberg for what he has to offer… you won’t be disappointed with what John has to teach you. I know I wasn’t.”

Keith Dozeman
Martial Artist
Kalamazoo, Michigan