Why Navy SEALs Need Strong Hands

Why Navy SEALs Need Strong Hands
Since I am in the grip business, I tend to notice grip training information in unlikely places…
…things I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise… It’s a Repo Man kind of thing. (If you’ve seen the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about… plate of shrimp… plate of shrimp...)

So anyhow, yesterday I was flipping through my copy of Navy SEAL Physical Fitness (by Pat Deuster PHD) and what did I see? Here are two charts directly from the Official – Issue Guide of the Naval Special Warfare Command. I know this information comes as no surprise to many people (especially to the many special forces members who visit our site regularly), but it just goes to show much of an influence stronger hands have on just about every physical activity:

Something I would NOT agree with is the part about squeezing tennis balls to build grip strength — seriously? I mean you know the Navy SEALs are serious about what they do, why not get some serious equipment to train on. I think pretty much everyone would agree that Ironmind Hand Grippers will fit the bill…

I think that last paragraph is the most important part of this whole chart. Yes, grip training is important but it is only one piece of the puzzes (an oft neglected one though.) Make your hands stronger, make your body stronger, get in shape, work on your flexibility — become a complete athlete.

Train hard,

John Wood

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