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“Why Stronger Hands are the Ultimate Secret Weapon”

The unique training equipment and methods for building superhuman grip strength are now at your fingertips…

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Everyone is looking for an edge — that one thing that is going to give them an unbelievable advantage in every situation…you’ve come to the right place – this is where you will find that edge: hand strength, grip strength, wrist strength, forearm strength — whatever it takes to develop your lower arms to the max. Thank you for coming to Functional Hand Strength, the World’s Best Hand & Grip Strength Training Instructional website.

My name is John Wood this is the place where you will find what could be that “one thing” – hand strength! We provide top quality grip tools and training courses that will truly make the difference in your routine.

You see, I was lucky enough to discover the importance of stronger hands a long time ago.Back in high school, I started training my grip for football and I’ve never looked back. Building an “Iron Grip” helped me excel in every sport I played, whether it was on the football field, in the weight room, or in some other athletic event.

Of course, I made plenty of mistakes along the way too, mistakes that you can learn a lot from.There are plenty of ways to build brutally strong hands…and there are many ways to waste your valuable training time too.I know…I’ve done my fair share of each over the years but the important thing is that throughout the process, I was able to find out which training techniques and methods work (and what to avoid at all costs).

Now I have decided to share my extensive knowledge and let others in on the grip training “secret weapon.

Of course, hand strength is only the beginning — you can’t build strong hands without knowing how to strengthen everything else, which is why throughout this website you will find materials for building all kinds of unusual strength. That’s why I created this website, to provide you with only the very best grip training products and training information.

Accept nothing less for your training.I fully believe that anyone who really works at it can develop a pair of hands that they can be proud of, but you have to know how to do it right…and that’s why we’re here.

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