Think You’re Stronger Than King Kong?”

2-inch Thick Manila Climbing Ropes Now Available For True Maniacs Only…
I’m sure everyone would agree that rope climbing is a serious workout…There’s no other exercise quite like rope climbing for building a “gorilla grip” and a sturdy back. Our traditional 1.5-inch diameter climbing ropes provide a number of interesting exercises for any routine.

But more and more athletes have been clamoring for a new rope climbing challenge and so here it is…
Top-Quality 2-Inch Thick Manila Climbing Ropes

Functional Hand Strength is now carrying 2″ thick full-length manila climbing ropes for the true rope climbing maniacs out there. These ropes have the same great features of our 1.5″ manila ropes and are made one at a time by hand by our master ropesmith.

* Five standard lengths – 15, 18, 20, 22, and 24 feet (custom lengths are available)

* Composed of the highest-quality 3-strand Grade-A manila – The very best in durability and safety

* Safe and secure steel indoor attachment clamp – Makes on/off a snap – literally!

* “Polybooted” end to prevent unraveling — you want your rope to last forever

* L-1 carabiner attachment link – included with all manila climbing rope orders
A Whole Different Kind
of “Thick Bar” Training

The oldtime strongmen knew one of the secrets of building frightening forearm strength – using thick-handled training equipment. Now you can apply that concept in an entirely different way, except that 2″ manila has a slight “give” to it, forcing you to grip and grab on even tighter than you would with a steel bar. And this means even stronger hands for you.

There Can Be More To It Than Just Climbing…

I won’t beat around the bush – our traditional 1.5″ manila climbing ropes are more than enough of a challenge for just about anyone and most athletes will NOT be able to climb a 2″ diameter manila rope unless they are a real stud…if you want to learn to climb a rope, DO NOT start with the 2″ diameter. However, even if climbing isn’t your bag, you can still get a great workout with the 2″ ropes.

Attach your climbing rope to a high pulley or even just an overhead beam and go to work. Pull-ups, hanging leg raises, and even just timed hangs will be more than enough of a workout for most people and you won’t need cathedral ceilings for the “grip” effect either. They say being able to do 10 rope pull-ups is equal to climbing a 15 foot rope…

IMPORTANT: Please Read This Before Placing Your 2-inch Rope Order:

Before you place an order for a 2-inch climbing rope, please keep in mind that our 1.5-inch climbing ropes are generally more than enough of a challenge for anyone especially when factoring in variations such as climbing without using your legs, climbing upside-down etc. As a result, we would strongly recommend going with the 1.5-inch sized rope first and foremost, especially if you are new to rope climbing. By ordering a 2″ rope at this time, we are going to assume that you completely and totally understand the difficulty involved. By proceeding with a 2-inch rope order and upon receipt find it too difficult to climb, there will be a 25% restocking fee involved in the event that you want to exchange it. If you understand the challenge and want to order a 2-inch climbing rope at this time, by all means, please do so and we will be happy to place your order.

Top-Quality 2-inch Manila Climbing
Ropes: Get yours today!

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Note: Please observe all safety precautions when doing any activities with climbing ropes. By purchasing this product from FHS, you are agreeing to take responsibility for your own health and well-being. All rope climbing activities should only be done with the proper padding under and around all climbing equipment. A spotter and/or proper supervision should always be present. Also note that we will not accept returns on custom rope orders. Please ensure that we have all specifications for your desired rope before placing the order. Knots are not an option for 2-inch climbing ropes.