Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik

Lost Secrets of Strength And Development!
…the most influential training book ever written can’t be found in any store… and its secrets will transform you from 97 lb. weakling into a powerhouse of Might and Muscle

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In this day and age, strength training books are a dime a dozen at every major book store in the nation … but the most valuable training book that you ever read can’t be found in any store…

This is the book that took long forgotten training techniques, re-awakened the echoes of the real Iron Game and taught a generation the “lost” values of hard work, heavy iron and serious training.

This is the book that will grab you by the scruff of the neck and take you down the road to super strength. This is the book that transform your idea of strength training forever…

Walk into just about any gym in the country and you’ll find plenty of chrome, ferns, spandex, mirrors, protein drinks, headbands, tank tops and treadmills. Chances are you what you probably won’t find much of is effort, hard work or serious attitudes toward training.

In all fairness, can you blame the “chrome and fern” crowd? They get just about all their training information from sources promising “Cannonball Delts,” “Football-sized Triceps” and “Ferociously Ripped-Abs all with little or no effort!

Between the pictures of bikini-clad fitness babes and supplement ads you’ll find the (ghost written)training articles by the “Champs” whose success has a lot more to do with a needle than anyone would care to admit. The workout routines in these “muscle comics” would be perfect…if you were Superman: hours in the gym, dozens of exercises, ridiculous numbers of sets, light weights, no structure, no real knowledge, and plenty of histrionics masquerading as hard work… Good luck with that.

Even if someone did try to make it through these workouts, it wouldn’t be long before injury, boredom or lack of results forced them to quit. It is no wonder that mis-information and frustration levels are at all time highs…

But is sure does not have to be this way…

If you are serious about developing real strength, there is another alternative. The fact of the matter is that even though the majority of training information put out in recent times is not worth the paper it is written on, there has always been a small, dedicated group of people keeping the oldtime strength traditions alive.

Yes, it is possible to get incredibly strong using only basic methods, common sense and hard work.

If you are sick and tired of screwin’ around with garbage training information, then Dinosaur Training is the book you have been searching for! Dinosaur Training Teaches you what no other modern strength training book will teach you:

  • How to build real world strength without all the confusing and worthless BS
  • How to become stronger and more powerful with basic equipment
  • How to train for functional muscle and become every bit as strong as you look
  • How to strengthen and thicken the tendons and ligaments with “deep structure” training
  • How to use thick bar training to forge a crushing grip and powerful forearms
  • How to use the power rack for big gains and to bust through sticking points
  • How to use odd objects such as sandbags and barrels to develop combat strength
  • How to go from man to superman with hard, heavy support training
  • Effort, Dedication, Perseverance, Concentration, Determination and Mental Toughness
  • The kind of hard nosed attitude that has damn near disappeared altogether from the Iron Game
Back in the mid-90’s, strength training author Brooks Kubik finally had enough of the current Iron scene. Brooks is no stranger to what functional training is all about; he won the Illinois state Greco-Roman style Championship in high school and later went on to win multiple national, state and regional titles in Drug-Free Powerlifting organizations.

Brooks already had a whole slew of great training articles under his belt when he decided to set pen to paper and put out a small booklet outlining some of his training ideas and Old-School methods.

It was Brooks’ original plan to stop at around 60-80 pages, photocopy that monster and send it to the 20 people who he thought would maybe be interested in what he had to say. Well the original manuscript grew and grew and with encouragement from some of the top people in the strength world, Brooks titled his work Dinosaur Training and unleashed it upon an unsuspecting world. What happened next was truly astonishing:
A STRENGTH revolution was born
…and it’ll shake up your training too!
The entire first printing sold out in 18 months. All of a sudden sand bag training and heavy partial work became common place. Odd-object training, such as lifting rocks and anvils, carrying kegs, and swinging sledge hammers all took off like a rocket. People threw away their shiny, chrome covered baby weights and began lifting heavy chunks of iron and steel. Those who sold thick bars experienced off the chart sales.

Dinosaur Training was featured in MILO, THE IRON MASTER, HARD TRAINING, IRONMAN and many other “main stream” magazines. College and NFL strength coaches began reading it and implementing these training techniques into their programs.

This wasn’t just a local thing either: orders started coming in from all over the globe. The strength world had come full circle…It was pandemonium and Dino-Mania was runnin’ wild!

In 1998, Dinosaur Training became even bigger…literally. When it came time for the second printing, Brooks added two additional chapters.

Dinosaur Training is jam packed with valuable training information. Here is only a partial list so you can see why this book belongs in the library of every serious athlete. You will learn…
  • The tremendous value of basic exercises and which ones are a waste of your time.
  • The reason why most modern training is unproductive and what you can do about it
  • What is the Dinosaur challenge? …are you up to it?
  • 7 ways to be a dinosaur and kick the intensity of your workout up a notch or three
  • All dinosaurs have *this* one characteristic in common, find out what it is
  • 3 steps to make your training instantly more productive
  • Why most people give up – and what you can do to avoid it
  • What is the “best” program?… you’ll be surprised at Brooks’ answer to this one
  • Brooks Kubik’s favorite strength writers and training tips from the last 100+ years
  • What an outline of productive training looks like and how to put together your workouts
  • How to train with a water filled barrel or keg and how that training style nearly put Brooks down for the count
  • Why hard work is necessary and how to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout
  • The 5 reasons people fail according to Dr. Ken Leistner… probably the most valuable lesson strength training can teach you
  • What hard work is and is not
  • The 2 types of abbreviated training styles for big gains
  • The meaning behind hard work vs. bunny training
  • What the real name of the game is…
  • 2 approaches to poundage progression and how to keep the gains coming for a long time
  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced workout routines, laid out step-by-step
  • The “secret” of advanced gains? You’ll be surprised at how simple it really is
  • How to make progress with multiple sets of low reps
  • What the 5 x 5 system is and how to use it correctly for super strength
  • How to use “singles” in the most effective manner in your training
  • Why thick-bars “work” and how to implement them into your workout
  • What is the “fear factor?” Now you’ll know why it can help you
  • 10 grip exercises and a dynamite beginners program for future grip masters
  • 6 advanced grip exercises for monster crushing power
  • How to build real strength with logs barrels and heavy bags
  • The benefits of power rack training
  • 5 hard core power-rack routines
  • 8 fads, fallacies and pitfalls of modern training and how to avoid them
  • Much more!!

As you can see, Dinosaur Training covers a lot of ground. Of particular note are three big chapters on grip training which helps anyone lay a solid foundation. As Brooks says:

“In addition, Dinosaur Training is an effort to make weight training interesting once again. I am tired of seeing the same old boring ideas presented in one look-alike weight training book after another. The Iron Game has been inundated with self-styled experts who really have nothing to offer when it comes to hard core strength training.Many of the most valuable aspects of strength training have literally been lost in the sands of time, forgotten, neglected and unused. Curiously, those hidden secrets are also the very things that make weight training enjoyable – the things that change it from an activity to an adventure…”

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is a 5½” x 8½” trade paperback which includes 27 chapters in over 210 jam-packed pages. There are no pictures. Since Dinosaur Training is such a popular title, we always have at least 50 copies in stock at all times and will ship out same-day in almost all cases. If you are looking to “live modern but train old” now is your chance.”

Get your copy today and be a Dinosaur!

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What People Have Been Saying
About Dinosaur Training:
“Words are not enough to say how great Dinosaur Training is. In fact, this is the STRENGTH TRAINING BIBLE, not more than that! Dinosaur Training is a classic masterpiece. Everything you need to know about really productive training or how to develop tremendous strength is covered in this book.

If bodybuilding left you alone with no gains… if popular training methods didn’t work for you… if REAL strength is something that interests you… if you are tired of a book consisting of nothing but 5 pounds exercises and stretching… if you want to know nearly everything about productive training: What are best exercises, How much time do I have to train, What are singles and why do them, How many reps should I do to became stronger… How the old-time strongmen that lifted nearly 400 pounds arms length over head WITHOUT ANY CHEATING GEAR (supplement, wrist wraps, steroids and other widgets) develop their strength… How to substantially increase your poundage on exercises… how to improve your grip strength and close heavy spring grippers… How to raise your physical fitness to a super level and so on… BUY THIS BOOK! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT! Nothing else to say. Best 20 bucks I ever invested in training in my life.”

– Adrian Verreault

“Dinosaur Training is the best book on training I have ever read. And I have read many over the last 20+ years. The book provides, in incredible detail, the prescription for bigger stronger muscles. The problem with so many other books is that they tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Dinosaur Training tells it like it is. Hard work + heavy weights + progression + compound movements + abbreviated workouts = success.”

Joseph P. Nicholson

“Brooks Kubik wrote the most inspiring strength training book of all time. I defy anyone to read this book and tell me otherwise…”

Scott C. Locklin
Berkeley, California
“This is a great book if you want to get strong , I mean REALLY strong. It’s for people who are mostly interested in functional strength and don’t care much about appearance. I personally use many of Kubik’s methods like heavy 5×5’s, lots of grip work, and odd object training, and have enjoyed wonderful results.”

Eric C. Peters
Raleigh, North Carolina
“Brooks, Thank you so much for bringing the old-time methods back to life, and cutting through all the modern-day junk. I have greatly improved my strength and endurance in six short months through your programs.”

Philip Ameris
6th degree blackbelt
Taekwondo Master
New Kensington, Pennsylvania
“I am a high school football coach. We have been rather successful during the 90’s, but your book, Dinosaur Training, really challenged my thinking on strength training for my student/athletes.”

Jon Schultheis
Strength Coach
Keansburg, New Jersey
“In writing Dinosaur Training, Brooks Kubik has blessed us with the finest strength training book written in more than thirty years, and one of the greatest and most inspirational strength training books of all time. If you want to learn the real, no-nonsense secrets to building true, functional strength that will last a lifetime, each page of Dinosaur Training is packed with those secrets. No gimmicks here, just hard work and how to do it the right and most productive way.

Kubik is no armchair authority, either. A former world record holder in the bench press, he is a lifetime drug-free lifter and athlete who practices the tried-and-true, old-school strength-building methods he details in Dinosaur Training.

Today, past the half-century mark in age, Kubik is far stronger and fitter than the vast majority of much younger athletic men, a living testimony of Dinosaur Training’s effectiveness. In conclusion, I give Dinosaur Training my highest recommendation, and I strongly urge you to do yourself a special favor and purchase a copy. It will be the best strength-training investment you will ever make.”

Rick Helley
San Diego, California

“Thank you for writing the book that revolutionized my training to points of no return. I read Dinosaur Training in one sitting and haven’t been the same since. Since then I have taken in some punishing and wonderful training sessions. My strength is climbing every week. Barbells, barrels, stones, and car pushing make life good.”

Gino Giles