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When you are around strength training as much as I am, sometimes it’s easy to overlook some good ideas…

The good news is that they eventually seem to come back around. Let me give you a great example: A little while back, the idea popped into my head that I should take a harder look at sled pulling.

Don’t ask me where the idea came from, I sure couldn’t tell you, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Pulling a sled has a lot to offer as a whole-body exercise. Notice I said “whole-body,” the way I envisioned it was to always do it from a standing position. This means I would have to brace my entire body in a certain way to get the most out of every pull. Obviously this isn’t the only way to pull a sled, but I thought this exercise might have a number of interesting possibilities when I got down to it

Now, I already had an old sled that I had made many years ago and, of course plenty of weight, but what I needed now was the rope. I made a quick stop by the hardware store to see what was offered. I didn’t want to go with a natural fiber for two reasons, a) there would be plenty of friction involved and I sure didn’t want to mess with rope splinters which would definitely be the case, and b) I knew that I’d be training outside in all kinds of weather, and it would not be a good thing if the rope got wet or damp since it would rot.

This left my options at synthetic fiber ropes, the hardware store didn’t really have what I was looking for, and their selection was very limited regardless. I bought a length of cord which I hoped would work out but when I got it home and tried it out, I found that it was far too narrow and not at all designed for what I was trying to accomplish.

It then dawned on me that I didn’t have to settle for the ‘slim pickins’ down at the hardware store when I had a direct line to some folks who are experts when it comes to training ropes: our climbing rope manufactures have always done a fantastic job for us, and really know their stuff, plus they are used to me calling up and saying, “hey, I have an idea…”

My next step was to do plenty of homework. I took out a blank piece of paper and wrote down a list of the specific characteristics that I was looking for in the rope: I wanted it to be a certain material, a certain length, a certain diameter and a few other key elements that needed to be in place for this kind of training.

Well, I sent this list over to our guys and about a week later, a big box showed up at my door. When I opened it up, it was exactly the rope that I had been envisioning!

Long story short, it was absolutely perfect when I tried it out. After a few workouts, I realized that this might be something that other people may want to explore as well so now you too can get your hands on the new FHS Pulling Rope!

Let’s talk about a few of the characteristics that make this rope so special:

1.) Diameter: 1-inch – not too thin or too thick but the perfect overall diameter

2.) Length: 100 feet – we can do any length you choose, I wanted 100 feet specifically because I’ve got plenty of room in the back yard and wanted to pull a very long way for my workouts. Longer pulls mean more muscle involved.

3.) Material: polydacron with a synthetic core. I wanted material that was strong enough that would’t shed or develop splinters. It was also important to me that the material be made for outside use because I knew that it would get wet and did not want it to rot.

4.) Color: this material comes in several different colors, I chose black because not only does it look cool but it also hides grass stains.

5.) Fitting: To make installation quick and easy, I requested a steel thimble to be woven into the end of the rope. This means that I can clip the rope on or off but also that all the friction on the rope will be on steel rather than the rope fiber. This also makes the rope stronger, so I can really go to town on heavy loads and not have to worry about wear and tear on the rope end or the fitting coming loose.

6.) The other end of the rope is fitted with a polyboot to prevent unraveling.

7.) The cool factor — this kind of training makes you feel like Rocky — and with the perfect tool for the job, you can put all your concentration on the workout and not worry about your gear.

The FHS Pulling Rope

Introducing the new FHS Pulling rope! (weights, sled, and chain not included)
FHS Pulling Rope
_________ $199.99 plus shipping and handling
What can you expect from a rope pulling workout?

Let me talk a little about a few reasons for why you might want to do this type of training in the first place. First and foremost, sled pulling is an absolutely fantastic grip exercise. If you are pulling a heavy load, you’ve got to really clamp on if you hope to keep he weight moving. You’ll feel it everywhere else in your body too, To give you can example, I was amazed at how sore my abs got after a sled pulling session, we’re talking sore to the touch.

An added bonus is how much of a conditioning workout rope pulling is, you’ll get pretty winded even just working with a light load.

Overall, sled pulling offers a pretty convenient way to get a fantastic workout. In fact, you might even say that you can get a lot of the benefits of traditional rope climbing but without many of the drawbacks. Most people don’t have a high ceiling to hang a rope, but they do have a patch of grass big enough to get it done.

Either way, pulling workouts are like nothing else. You can try to pull as heavy as you can and really battle it out, or you can pull lighter loads for time, and see how fast you can go. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Who can benefit from this kind of training? Every type of athlete I can think of, football players and wrestlers especially though as the added conditioning and grip work will turn you into a real beast. Heck, even if your goal is to just look good at the beach, you won’t find an exercise that will pump up your lats faster than sled pulling.

We’ll have more info on sled pulling workouts coming your way very soon, but in the meantime, this is your chance to get started asap.

FHS Pulling Rope
_________ $199.99 plus shipping and handling