FHS Short Rope

“Just about All The Benefits of Rope Climbing… but WITHOUT The Hassle”
It only took us a few short months to become the place on the ‘net for top-quality climbing ropes. A little “anti-gravity” training with climbing ropes has been just the ticket to get some folks fired up about the “old school” results that they can get with rope climbing. In fact, we have received nothing but great feedback about the ropes we feature and our client list for these items is pretty impressive.

Everyone from top college football teams to professional baseball players, from top strength coaches to National Champion martial artists have given these ropes their highest praise.

However, some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive come from individuals who would absolutely love to start climbing rope more than anything but simply don’t have a place to hang one… not to mention that while rope climbing can be a fabulous exercise, it is simply too tough for some people to do, especially if they don’t have a gymnast’s build (or great strength in relation to their weight)… I’m talking about most big guys.

Well this got us to thinking – how about if we combined the great hand strength benefits of climbing ropes with something portable enough to be used just about anywhere and by just about anyone?

The result was the FHS CUSTOM SHORT ROPE. This custom piece of equipment is one of our classic three-strand manila ropes cut down to a much more manageable length. FHS custom short ropes feature all of the necessary components to make them the best ropes out there: top-quality manila, a steel clamp on one end for easy-on/easy-off attachment capability, and a poly-boot on the other end to prevent unraveling.

These ropes are just like our climbing ropes except that they are only three feet in length! Perfect for carrying in a gym bag.

The FHS Custom Short Rope can be used for a variety of exercises
(weights, loading pin, and chain not included!).

Each FHS custom short ropes comes with a high quality steel clamp at the top and a poly-boot (to prevent unraveling) at the bottom

So what can this rope add to your routine? Here are a few ideas:

Clip the FHS Custom Short rope on an over-head bar for vertical pull-ups

Hook it to a loading pin or a barbell and do deadlifts to train like the great Australian Grip Master, Bruce White

Attach it to a pulley machine to do one or two-arm pull-downs, rows, supination curls, tricep press-downs, and more…

Shackle it to your favorite free weight: kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell for a unique twist on many traditional free weight exercises

The possibilities are endless, and to give you even more training ideas, each FHS Custom Short Rope also comes with the exclusive special report – “101 Short Rope Exercises.”

The FHS Custom Short Rope is available in two different rope diameters: the traditional 1-1/2 inches thick or a full 2 inches thick for an even greater grip challenge.

A Dr. Ken Favorite:

“I enjoyed my college football days, walking the streets at 5’5-3/4” and 232 pounds. I was smart enough to pledge that I would lose weight slowly and enter my “elderly” years a lot lighter and I have. Unfortunately, at 142 pounds, I’m “all muscle and bone” but I wouldn’t say I look like a “muscle guy.” Lean, healthy, perhaps like someone who did a lifetime of manual labor?

Yes, but at my age, there isn’t a lot to flex. However, I have maintained good forearm and grip strength and Pat Povilaitis has been kind enough to inspire and teach me some cool grip and bending type activities which I enjoy.

The key exercise for me is the short rope hammer curl, done slowly while creating tension in both the positive and negative movements. Lacking any really well developed “big muscles,” this one exercise is the key to the development of the brachioradialis and all of the extensor carpi muscles, as well as a good grip, a true “secret” tip to improved forearm and grip strength.- Dr. Ken

There you have it, it sure doesn’t get any more hard-core than Dr. Ken so you know that if he likes something, it must be good. These short ropes offer tremendous grip benefits as well as simply another alternative for basic exercises which helps keep your training fresh. They are particularly popular with martial artists and grapplers since the 2″ short rope is roughly the same size and feel as grabbing on an opponent’s wrist. And if you control the hands, you control the man…

At any rate, if you’ve read this far there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to take action. FHS short ropes can be purchased online by clicking below or ordered by phone. If you have any other questions, want assistance, or need an international freight quote, please contact us by any method.
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