Climbing Rope Accessories and Attachment Hardware

Rope Climbing Accessories and Attachment Hardware
If you want to climb ropes, you are going to have
to safely and efficiently attach your rope overhead.
We provide several options to address just about any situation that you might be faced with. No matter which attachment option you go with, always follow the proper safety procedures and no matter how you attach your rope, always make sure that it is secure before each and every climbing session. We welcome any questions you might have on any of these rope attachment options.

Rope Attachment Hardware Option A: Adjustable I-Beam Clamp

Adjustable I-Beam Clamp
______ $99.99 + s/h
The versatile, all-steel, adjustable I-beam clamp attachment hardware comes complete with two 2-3/4-inch wide jaws and 1/2-inch threaded rod with self-locking “lock tite” nuts. The adjustable I-Beam clamp will fit beams with 3-1/2-inch to 12-inch wide flanges. There is also a 1/2-inch flange thickness max with the clamp shown here. Please call for wider or thicker special flange requirements.

NOTE: The adjustable I-Beam Clamp is designed for indoor use only. The Adjustable I-Beam Clamp will fit but does not include the L-1 link, however, the L-1 Link does come with all Manila Rope purchases.

Rope Attachment Hardware Option B: Wood Beam Hanger

Wood Beam Hanger

Wood Beam Hanger
______ $79.99 + s/h
The Wood Beam Hanger is an¬†industrial grade heavy-duty steel “L” attachment made to fit on secure wooden surfaces such as wooden overhead beams and walls. The Wood Beam Hanger has two bolt attachment holes on the side and one on the bottom (bolts are not included).

NOTE: The Wood Beam Hanger is designed for indoor use only. This option fits but does not include the L-1 link, however, the L-1 Link comes with all Manila Rope purchases.

Rope Attachment Hardware Option C: Pipe Clamp Hanger

Pipe Clamp Hanger
______ $79.99 + s/h
The pipe clamp hanger is composed of two solid steel halves which can be adjoined together onto any 3-1/2-inch outside diameter pipe via threaded bolts and lock washers (which are included).

NOTE: The Pipe Clamp Hanger is designed for indoor use only. The Pipe Clamp Hanger can use but does not include the L-1 link. The L-1 Link, however, is included with all Manila indoor climbing rope orders.

L1 Link Rope Attachment Hardware
L-1 Quick Link

The 1/2-inch zinc-plated L-1 quick link (shown here roughly life-size) is used for a solid attachment from ceiling hardware to climbing rope. The L-1 Link comes standard with all manila indoor climbing rope orders and can be used with options A, B, or C.

L-1 Quick Link
______ $9.99 + s/h

Indoor Climbing Rope Accessory: Climbing Rope Tambourine

Rope Climbing Tambourine
______ $59.99 + s/h
The tambourine is traditionally the “finish line” in competitive climbing but can also be used to prevent climbers from climbing above a certain height or interacting with the attachment hardware. This 20″ diameter, 1/2-inch thick plywood tambourine comes complete with fitting clamp for easy installation and height adjustment. The 2″ diameter center hole allows the tambourine to be slid up any 1-1/2-inch diameter climbing rope with an unknotted end or over a climbing rope top fitting. Many uses include limiting climbing heights for age, skill, and testing concerns. Popular in facilities with high ceilings and also preventing climbers from reaching attachment hardware.

NOTE: climbing tambourines cannot be used with 2″ diameter ropes, or with outdoor (Polyplus) ropes.

Indoor Climbing Rope Accessory: Climbing Rope Hoist

Climbing Rope Hoist
______ $99.99 + s/h
The “Rope Hoist” allows you to raise climbing ropes to wall or ceiling after use for easy storage and greatly reduces the possibility of misuse or unsupervised climbing. The rope hoist includes two wall brackets and 60 feet of cordage with a weighted end. The rope hoist can hold up to two ropes total.

NOTE: We also have an option (not shown) which includes a “lock box” in order to prevent unauthorized access to the ropes. Please inquire about this option if interested.