I recently picked up a copy of the book “SEX MONEY KISS” by Gene Simmons. You’ve may have caught his new reality show (I haven’t since I don’t own a TV) but if you don’t know who that is, Gene Simmons is the Bass Player/ lead singer for the Rock Band KISS.

Yeah, the guy who spits blood.

You may not like his music or the man himself but one thing is for sure, he began with nothing, seized what few opportunities he was presented with and played his cards right business-wise when he had the chance to.

KISS is one of the most successful bands in history and Gene Simmons, the man, is almost just as successful in his own right.

That’s exactly what the book is about – what has made his life “work” and rule #1 is no losers allowed.

Here’s a good passage from page 75:

On the days when there’s nothing to do a winner will find something to do. On the days when there is no work, a winner will create work. On the day when a winner has won the game, is at the peak of his power and is the actual world record holder, the very next day he will (and should) get up at the crack of dawn and try to break his own world record. Life, when you’re a winner, is about achieving. More. Not Less. A Winner never rests on his laurels. A winner only rests when you stick him six feet under.

Contrary to popular belief, winners are too busy trying to win and turn the other winners into a loser. Winners always try to achieve more, Again, the main word here is MORE.

A winner is, in fact, usually surrounded by losers; a winner is fed by losers. A winner is admired by losers, Losers make excuses as to why they aren’t winners. A winner who hasn’t won will simply try harder next time. But in his mind, he’s always a winner. If he didn’t win that race, he’s only lost one battle. The war is still to be fought. Never wait for the fat lady to sing.

The demon wasn’t talking about strength training…but he may as well have been.